Chris Crocker Clarifies his Position on Leaving Justin Bieber Alone

Attention world: Chris Crocker does not care if you say mean things about Justin Bieber. So, have at it.

In a gentle yet firm video posted to the Faceberks yesterday, the former Britney defender makes his feelings clear: “Quit asking me to do a leave Justin Bieber alone video. Quit asking me to do any kind of leave anyone alone video anytime anyone’s in trouble.”

Well, there you have it.

Crocker’s been doing his best to break away from the whole “leave Britney alone” thing, which was sort of an ouroboros of fame that could only ever devour itself. These days, he’s striking out as an actor in L.A., with appearances on Dr. Drew and in Toddrick Hall’s Mean Boyz parody.

And then of course there’s that Maverick porn he was in.

We’d be just fine with more of those kinds of appearances (cute viral vids, cute dick) and less of the celebrity banter, so this is a policy we can definitely endorse.

A tip o’ the hat to Chris for SEO-baiting with Bieber while simultaneously disdaining the practice. Well done sir.