Chris Crocker Mad At Homophobes, Media, Lady-Like Language
Uber-queer Chris Crocker makes an expletive-laden return to YouTube this week.

While he previously caught the world’s awe-stricken eye for defending Britney Spears and flashing his incomprehensible crotch, Crocker’s latest offering actually carries an important message: “Fuck you”.

This 2:49 minute display explodes from the get-go, offering a middle-finger to what The Advocate has deemed “The Homophobosphere”: online space where anti-gay jerk-offs leave unsavory remarks like, “Only a stereotypical feces-eating faggot would get this emotional over celebrity gossip”. That happens to be one of the remarks left on Crocker’s now infamous “Leave Britney Alone” video, according to The Advocate. And YouTube ain’t the only place Crocker’s getting shit.

Gawker posted the Crocker video yesterday and already yielded some unsavory bits of non-bent bitchery. The Gay Recluse picked up on some virtual homophobia on Gawker’s post and promptly offered sardonic rebuttals and a reactionary indictment of Gawker, for some reason. All websites, including this one, get cranky wankers leaving trails of stinking textual bile. It’s part of the territory and, yes, Crocker, this deserves more attention.

While certainly Crocker’s “Homophobosphere” carries some weight, we’re more intrigued by the second part of his rantastic display, during which he takes on “the media,” although offers no definitive boundaries for said institution:

The media’s done with me. You know, they’re completely – the went through me like a paper bag, got to the bottom, like a brown paper bag, got to the bottom of me and tossed me. [Ed. note: umm…]

They wanted to portray a crazy Britney fan and they’re done… They don’t want a gay person to be seen as dimensional, multidimensional or as a full human being. They don’t want you to see the full picture. God forbid! Why isn’t the media picking up on this fucking gay hate that all of us are facing on here… I mean, of course they’ll never publicize this video. Ha, ha, ha. Let’s see if they do.

We have to admit that Crocker’s got a point about this one, but we’d also like to point out that The Advocate has now addressed the issue, as have the two aforementioned blogs and now we have, as well. Apparently we’re all small potatoes, which sucks because blogs helped catapult Crocker into the infamous halls of faggotry populated by the likes of Bobby Trendy and William Sledd.

Could it be Crocker’s simply taking jabs to redirect the spotlight? Possibly. Will the mainstream media pick up on and air Crocker’s ire? Not with that potty mouth!