Chris Kluwe Is Not Having Chris Culliver’s Homophobia

chris-kluwe-2012-cardWhile he’s certainly entitled to speak his mind, Culliver is a role model whether he likes it or not. There are kids all over the United States who aspire to be right where he is and he has an obligation to consider the effect of his words. Kids are listening.”

—Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe, responding to Culliver’s comment that he wouldn’t abide gays in the NFL. Kluwe will be honored by the Family Equality Council in Los Angeles on February 9.

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  • Charli Girl

    Chris (whatever his last name is …IS JUST AN INSECURE PUP! You can tell in the interview that he was just trying to be a big shot,and make himself look tuff for the other males! Stevie Wonder could see that shit!
    All str8 males act like that when in a pack…one on one they sing another tune!

  • hephaestion

    The 49ers made an “It Gets Better” video and now this Culliver moron rips that video to shreds, rendering it a total fraud. Culliver just screamed “I ain’t lettin’ it get better for you fags!” and that is all that will ever be remembered.

  • Avenger

    @hephaestion: LOL kinda dramatic there, aren’t you Meryl?

  • Tackle

    @ Charli Girl: I kinda agree with what you say about Chris Kluwe. He comes across like he’s pandering to gays. Trying too hard to be some straight hero to GLBT people. Something just seems a bit off. I wonder if he would tell Chris Culliver’s to his face that he disapproves of the remark he made? Meanwhile no comment is made from Queerty or
    Chris Kluwe about Eminem recent homophobic remarks that he directed at Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon.
    I guess we’ll take it from some but not from others…

  • Charli Girl

    [email protected]Tackle:
    I forgot that both of their names was Chris….I was referring to the idiot.Not that cutey Kluwe.
    People that fight for us,no matter the reason are A ok in my book. That other idiot should be FIRED! And I’m sure he didn’t pay attention in class and has no other means of making a living,oh well he’ll LEARN to keep his ignorant ,uneducated disgusting looking mouth SHUT, who gives a shit that he is just insecure and spouting his mouth off bc of his OWN “shortcoming”…
    F I R E T H E. C.L O W N

  • CM79

    He was forced to apologize and retract his comments and the 49ers publicly denounced his statements. Stop being so vengeful and let it go.

    Right now mostly everyone agrees that Culliver was a jerk for making those comments. Firing him would only make him a martyr, with people coming to his defense and possibly create a bigger divide between sports fans and the gay community. Plus another team would probably scoop him up.

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