Chris Salvatore Wants To Hear From You, Gay Kiddos

Is Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project the new Trevor Project? Nah, not exactly. There’s a difference between uploading to YouTube personal stories about coming out and growing up gay (Team Savage) and running a national hotline for at-risk LGBT youth (Team Trevor). But along comes Chris Salvatore, the LA-based actor and singer, setting up a new email address to specifically reply to any of these kids who need somebody to talk to. Will it stop another month of heartbreak that includes the suicide deaths of Seth Walsh, Asher Brown, and Billy Lucas? I have no idea. But I think it could help? The more voices, and the farther their messages spread, the more likely a queer kid will hear that life is not always this awful, and the answer isn’t ending it.

NB: Salvatore’s commitment to kids isn’t new. When last year’s round of suicides hit — which took the lives of Lawrence King, Lateisha Green, and Sean Kennedy — he was also taking his message to YouTube.

The Gays of San Francisco have a similar message: