You Have to Watch This Cute Brits' Beginners Guide to RuPaul's Drag Race!

Although you most likely already know what RuPaul’s Drag Race is and how it works, the way that this scruffy cute Brit explains it so perfect that it’s definitely worth watching (if you have a few minutes to spare)! Plus, he is super sassy and “basically a drag queen now, just without the hair, makeup, high heels, corset and… you get the gist *finger snap*.” Werk mawma, yes GAWD!

ChrisSaysIt, who is a future member of the Scruff Pit Crew member, is a walking drag dictionary and he totally pulls it off, hunty! Well, maybe we’re easily swooned by his English accent, great hair and good look (see photos below)…. Either way, enjoy! =)

Here are a few of our favorite pics of Chris (who you can follow on Twitter, where we found all of these photos!).

ChrisSaysIt 006

ChrisSaysIt 005

ChrisSaysIt 004

ChrisSaysIt 003

ChrisSaysIt 001