Christian Activist: “Kids Better Off In Orphanage Than With Gay Parents”

reedroberts.jpgIt’s fairly stunning that the debate over gay adoption still has enough wind left in it to even be talked about anymore, but guests on This Week with George Stephanopoulos prove that there is still a lot of idiot left to go around.

The real kicker is when conservative activist and original executive director of the Christian Coalition in the ’90s Ralph Reed is asked whether it’s better to have gay adoption or more orphans. His response is just about as cold as you can get:

“I think the social science is just simply not in yet on same-sex couples. I think the law has every right to set an ideal. And the ideal is a mother and a father.”


This comes after Reverend Franklin Graham equates gay adoption to “recruitment.”

It’s high time to stop giving bigots the spotlight on national news.

Go home, guys. Or go pray for the salvation of our homosexual-infested society or something. Just stay off camera for the love of baby Jesus.

Here’s the clip:

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  • Billy Budd

    I once went to a debate session during an event promoted by the Fulbright Foundation (I had a Fulbright scholarship). It was during the Bush administration. One of the debaters was a pastor. I don’t remember his name anymore but he was Big. He kept saying things like “When I was talking to president Bush…..”. I was furious. Then I got up and told him and the other speakers: “In my country, the government favors the catholic religion. It seems that now your government favors you. I would like to ask you and the other participants, what should the role of religion in a government be”.

    He replied that Religion is part of daily life of every citizen and therefore should be part of a government. He said that religion must help the government make better decisions.

    But I asked my question to ALL the debaters. The other two debaters were scientists. Both of them went against the pastor. One of them said “The founding fathers of America created this country and established a separation between state and religions. I don’t believe religion should play any part in a government”.

    So I defeated the bastard. These guys are becoming a minority and they will someday disappear. I may not be alive to see it, but I am sure they will.

  • Cam

    So he has no facts, hasn’t looked at any data, or doesn’t like what he saw. And he has no idea of the studies of people who grew up in orphanages but will make a broad statement.

    If he has no backing, facts, etc… and his group basically kicked him out and he isn’t a political power broker, then could somebody explain to me why he is still being invited on the News Shows?

    Next week are they going to have Ashley Simpson to discuss the current state of music?

  • Vince Smetana

    I love Cokie Roberts! Kind of weird that on a panel of four (not counting the moderator), only one person advocates for gay parents?

  • loren_1955

    makes one pause…if they think same sex couples don’t make good parents, perhaps they need to consider the last time, anytime, that same sex parents through out their children for being straight.

  • phlmeow

    Once again is so sad to hear the conservative’s way of thinking and it’s love to use religion as it’s shield. They should go back and keep studying the bible and one day they might understand that god made all and loves all and would rather have a child grow up in a loving environment than one with hatred, abuse, jealousy etc..etc.. Whether it’s with a man and a woman or a gay couple . The religious Conservatives that are extreme usually are against something that they deep down inside of themselves are afraid of to admit so in turn they go after it to cover their own tracks and can anyone explain to me why are they so fascinated with gay people ( that are usually harmless ) than go after the hundreds of problems their own have ?

  • SteveDenver

    @Cam: I was thinking the same about Reed: he’s probably banging on doors trying to see if anyone he blew… I mean “knew”… was still around and willing to help him try to hoist his public prominence once again. Unfortunately for him, I think a lot of right-wing Christians have mellowed and no longer want to spend their money on stupid hate campaigns. That’s why the folks from NOrM went overseas seeking work.

  • LubbockGayMale

    I get so tickled/ticked when Graham and his ilk say we’re all out ‘recruiting’. How many gays were born to straight parents? How come that kind of recruiting doesn’t work???

  • SteveDenver

    @Vince Smetana: It’s an odd panel. I think Cokie advocates for the CHILDREN more than any other person on the panel. They’re the same idiots who want to use babies to punish women seeking abortion. Now they want to use children to punish G/L couples, but can’t help insulting all single parents in the same breath.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I still have a great amount of respect for Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. As far as his son Franklin, he is a bigoted false Christian piece of shit, no matter what his Good Samaritan ministries have done for people. He is a total FAIL as a role model Christian! And I am being VERY generous in my opinion of Frankie! Thank you, Cokie Roberts. ?

  • yousir75

    The fact that this panel of “experts” were allowed onto national TV to spew their ignorance is a great example of why “traditional media” is garbage.

    And it’s also a great example of why an increasing percentage of Americans either don’t subscribe to a particular religion or become atheists.

  • bmwblonde

    What I love is watching Ralph Reed Reed AGE so badly. He always WAS a young “angry, mean little old man” — but apparently his “Dorian Gray” portrait, carefully locked in some attic somewhere (probably in an orphanage attic) — must have been discovered, so that the REAL Ralph Reed is now starting to show in his pinched, little-old-lady/man, Disapproving Face.

    AND, in general — why oh why do religious fundamentalist bigots (of all ilks) and nasty, crank-butt political conservatives (the spawn of Dick Chaney) — ALL have such sour, angry, horrible expressions etched into their faces? (Trick question). Answer: they are STUCK in rage (childhood issues no doubt) and infear (terror about a CHANGE=FILLED future for which they have ZERO skills). Poor morons. All.

  • bmwblonde

    PS: And, Ralph Reed also looks decidedly PRISSY. I wonder what THAT could possibly portend?

  • RIGay

    ABC News has really gone down hill.

  • Thad1527

    It’s awfully like those people who were against interracial adoptions not all that long ago. (Now? Even Mitt Romney is on that bandwagon!)

  • StephK

    I remember Ralph Reed back in the day when he was the golden child of the religious right.. a player in the politics at that time. I can’t help but think that both he and Graham Jr. are more interested in getting financial support/ salary for themselves by leading groups and taking their contributions in return for creating controvery that only low-information religious zealots would support.Will these characters ever disappear? I doubt it. However, they are fast becoming irrelevant, and they know it. A little brouhaha with national exposure is purposefully done to remind themselves and others that they are still alive. Re: Reed, Graham jr. and their ilk..so many ” Christians” and not enough lions!

  • coltonblack

    After Ralph Reed has has ALL of the problems he has had, I’m just stunned that he keeps opening his yap and pissing people off. This guy should have slinked under a rock and stayed there. He really seems like a self-loathing gay man. Really

  • Mezaien

    I`ll rather be HOMOSEXUAL, the a Christian.

  • Harley

    All the needed on that show was the white pointed hoods.

  • Harley


  • Cam

    Dan Savage really pissed of the major News Networks when they asked him what could be done to fight anti-gay bigotry and he said basically…

    Stop inviting these fringe anti-gay bigots on your show and treating them as if they represented a huge segment of the population. He then basically said that they didn’t invite members of the KKK on to discuss racial issues, but they constantly invited people like this on to discuss gay ones and why was that.

    What was the result of that? Dan Savage not on any more, but people like this guy still invited on.

  • petensfo

    Does anyone else think it strange… a celebrity uses a derogatory word about gay people and it becomes a national media story. But a “news outlet” and national network parades this discriminatory, hate-parade and NO ONE seems to be very upset with ABC???

    Call me craZy, but shouldn’t all our gay organizations be issuing their press-releases condemning ABC’s actions?

  • inbama

    How sad to see Indian swindler Ralph Reed back in business.

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