Christians Who Don’t Speak Against Religious Bigotry Are Part of the Problem

You know what bothers Evangelist Damon Thompson about television? All the queers. You know what bothers Paul Constant at the Seattle Stranger? When Christians don’t stand up to people like Thompson to let him know “he is misrepresenting their religion and using Jesus to promote intolerance and hate.”

Thompson is mad that the queers are always the funniest, smartest, and friendliest characters on TV. He’s also tired of anti-bullying programs. He says bullied gays kids kill themselves not because of bullying but because they hate themselves for their demonic sexuality. Hmmm… the crazed rantings of bear preachers don’t contribute to that self-hatred… do they?

So what are religious folks doing to combat religious-based homophobia? Let’s have a look!

Groups like say, “Conservative political and Christian rhetoric condemning homosexuals has monopolized public perception of the stance of religious persons on this issue.” They’re currently protesting alongside Get Equal, Truth Wins Out and Faith In America at the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix where another collection of queer religious groups just presented a petition asking the SBC to apologize for its virulent antigay positions.

So how did that go? Well, let us put it this way. Remember when Home Depot told the American Family Association that it didn’t care about their anti-gay petition? It was like the flip-side of that:

Sixteen years ago to the day, Jack McKinney said Southern Baptists passed a resolution apologizing for past racism. [Jack McKinney is a married, heterosexual spokesperson for Faith in America and a former Southern Baptist minister]

“We feel like the convention is making the same mistake in the way it has demonized LGBT people,” said McKinney, who handed Wright a packet of 10,000 signatures. “We come today to ask for an apology for that and for a pledge that those kinds of teachings would come to an end.”…

“Obviously, we don’t feel that there can be an apology for teaching sexual purity,” said Bryan Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “As followers of Christ, our only authority for practicing our faith is Scripture, is the Word of God…. As followers of Christ it would be very difficult for us to betray our faith by ignoring what God says about sexual purity.”

Aha. Well, that didn’t go as well as planned. But it doesn’t mean the attempt or the conversation aren’t worth having, especially on networks like CNN that continue to feature hate-group leaders like the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins as “experts” on religious morality.