Christine O’Donnell: America’s AIDS Policy Lets Everybody Continue Having High-Risk Sex Without Consequences

Christine O’Donnell, this blogger’s favorite candidate going into November, isn’t just anti-masturbation. She’s against throwing all those taxpayer dollars toward AIDS prevention and treatment, because hey, heart disease is a bigger killer!

We need more personal responsibility in this country, says O’Donnell in a clip circa The Decade of Bad Hair. If we had better morals, we could wipe out AIDS in a single generation! When somebody is diagnosed with heart disease, they change their lifestyle — more exercise, less McDonald’s. But our approach to treating AIDS to let those fags keep having bareback sex without paying the troll toll.

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  • jason

    No sex act is risky. Bareback sex isn’t risky. Vaginal sex isn’t risky. Oral sex isn’t risky. There is no risk in a sex act.

    The risk lies in promiscuity. Promiscuity is the driving force behind any sexual disease or condition. It’s the promiscuity, stupid.

  • Bob

    What a stupid little cunt!!!! Delaware…wake-up!!!! Do you really want to elect this piece of garbage????

  • whatever

    Even Rasmussen has her down by double-digits. She’s gonna lose. Another gay tolerant Republican. How’s that gay conservative, tea party outreach workin’ out for ya? :)

  • Charlie

    @jason: I have to disagree with you. There are people who have been infected by having sex with someone they trusted that they had been seriously dating. Your line of thinking “I’m not at risk because I am not sleeping around” gets a lot of people into trouble.

    This is why it’s not called “safe sex” anymore, it’s “safer sex.” Sex with a condom is safer than sex without but there are still risks (broken condom, slipped condom, etc).

    So no, only having unprotected sex with one person you are in a committed relationship with is not risk free.

  • EdWoody

    @jason: You’re wrong. A person can have sex one time in their life and still catch an STD if they’re not safe.

    I on the other hand have been a raging slut for decades – my sex partners are at least in triple figures by now – and I remain STD-free because I have safe sex.

    And anyway, I agree with her on one point. We have known how to stop AIDS for about 20 years now – have safe sex – and we’re just not doing it. It’s not a moral issue, but it is an ethical issue – humans should have more compassion and respect for themselves and each other.

  • MikenStL

    I guess she’s never heard that all sorts of cancers are caused by things that people do. Smoking, eating poorly, working with certain chemicals, catching HPV, sun exposure, being obese, on and on and on.

    On the one hand I see her point that comparing HIV to cancer, it seems that there is a disproportionate amount of money spent, but when you realize that there are hundreds of kinds of cancers all with differing mechanisms vs only two main types of HIV there is likely a larger percent of people that maybe be helped if a cure was found and unless we keep taking steps to stop the spread there will be many many more that become positive and eventually die….

    And as far as heart disease goes, we’ve known for many many years how to prevent it, but people keep on eating crap, sitting on their butts, and not controlling their stress, etc. but we keep on treating and paying for high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, etc. Maybe we should enforce a no gluttony and sloth rule, or just say fuck’em they made their beds now lie in them.

    End of my rambling for now…..

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