Will Tragedy Bring Change?

Church Shooter’s Sexuality Led To Massacre?

There are new details into church shooter Matthew Murray’s murderous motivation. Richard Rothstein passes on word that Murray’s sexuality may have led to a split between him and his Christian community:

[Fox News] is now reporting that Matthew Murray, the deeply troubled young man who shot and killed himself and members of Ted Haggard’s New Life Church and the church’s Youth With A Mission program was gay.

In fact, he may be a victim of the church’s ex-gay reparative therapy program. Having failed to find heterosexuality through Jesus it appears that Murray was booted out of the youth program and out of the church.

[Murray] wrote, “People like us are going to go to hell, according to Christians.” He lists several reasons why. Reason number seven is bluntly stated, “I’m bisexual.” In other postings, Murray wrote, “… I can never get a female date. I am at least able to get some male action.”

And later, he wrote about confronting his mother about his bisexuality.

Murray wrote that he told her, “Using drugs, alcohol and having gay sex, I’m just trying to do what any Christian pastor would do. At least I’m not doing meth like Ted Haggard.”

Rothstein worries whether this will increase the right wing’s anti-gay ways, but hopes it will open people’s eyes to the dangers of restrictive religion. We’re praying for the latter…