Clay Aiken Is Eyeing A Congressional Seat, Has A Good Shot At Winning

clay-aiken-congressThere may be a glorious gay wail on the Congressional floor next year if Clay Aiken decides to make the leap into politics.

The Washington Blade is reporting several sources that suggest the American Idol runner-up and gay dad may be considering a bid to represent North Carolina in the House, and if it’s true, he “may have a shot” at snagging the “winnable seat.”

According to anonymous sources familiar with the 35-year-old Raleigh native’s plans, Aiken has “talked to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and has met with figures in Raleigh about a potential bid.” Sources also claim that he’s “actively considering” a run and working closely with Betsy Conti, a political strategist who has previously worked with NC Gov. Bev Purdue and Al Gore.

All the gossip linking Aiken to a potential career in politics is unconfirmed at the moment, but silence from the DCCC, Conti and Aiken’s former management firm is speaking volumes.

According to the Blade, Aiken may have a shot at winning if he officially announces his candidacy:

Aiken wouldn’t be the only candidate on the Democratic side to pursue a run for the House seat, which is currently occupied by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.). Former North Carolina Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco is expected to formally announce his candidacy on Monday. He  formed a campaign committee to explore a run in December.

Although the polls indicate Republicans may be favored as the mid-term elections approach on a general ballot, the Democratic nominee — whether it’s Aiken, Crisco or someone else — may have a shot at the seat, which comprises Raleigh and was controlled by Democrats before the Republican surge in 2010. A House Democratic aide, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, described the second congressional district as a “winnable seat” for Democrats.

So, Clay, what will your first order of business in office be? Gay marriage? Same-sex adoption? Removing Ruben Studdard’s albums from store shelves?