Singer Continues To Skirt Issue

Clay’s A Total Gay, Says Alleged Lover

Clay Aiken continues to avoid discussing his cock sucking ways. John Paulus, the man who claims to have bedded the American Idol reject, says otherwise. He wrote an email to the Miami Herald which reads:

It’s unfortunate that in their desperation, Clay Aiken fans would take a sarcastic retort that I made in response to their ludicrous assertion and construe it as a statement of fact. Again, there was never a legitimate recant made by me nor will there be. I stand by the story as reported by the National Enquirer and as told by me on the Howard Stern Show.

In interviews back in September 2006 with Diane Sawyer, and Larry King, when questioned whether or not he was gay, Clay Aiken declined an opportunity to provide a direct yes or no answer. In an interview given to People Magazine in the Fall of 2006 he was once again asked the question and again he chose to equivocate and not give a definitive yes or no reply.

His current refusal and equivocation to the question provide credibility to my assertions. Those using his 2003 Rolling Stones interview as evidence of his heterosexuality do so in desperation.

Cue angry Aiken fans…

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