Cleveland Wants Your Gay Love

Cleveland, Ohio, loves the gays. No, let’s amend that. It loves them. That’s right, they love them. Cleveland especially love when they come to there and spend their money. How do we know? Well, the city’s tourism board’s publishing a handy-dandy gay travel guide to court the homos. Teaming up with the LGBT Community Center, The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland has worked tirelessly to compile a comprehensive list of gay bars, clubs, businesses and the such to show the rest of the world that “The Forest City”‘s more than just Drew Carey‘s birthplace.

While the Bureau’s certainly thrilled by the new developments, not everyone’s so enthused by the prospect. According to the city’s Fox affiliate, Ohio’s Christian Alliance president Chris Long thinks the city should concentrate on attracting more families, rather than spending their time and money courting the cocksuckers.

It seems to us, however, that Cleveland really can’t afford to be picky. What the fuck do they have there, anyway? The Rock and Roll Museum? Sure, we guess that’s exciting, but does it warrant an entire vacation to Cleveland? We think not. So, unless the city promises to offer every single homo some sweet farm ass, we’re not buying. No way. If we’re going anywhere in Ohio, it’s gonna be Cincinnati. Gotta love the ‘Nati.