Clinton Nixes Gay B&B Par-Tay

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign had some explaining to do after canceling a visit at a gay bed and breakfast.

Senator Clinton and her political peeps were set to appear at Hardy, West Virginia’s Guest House at Lost River, but unexpectedly changed course earlier this week, leading Republican flack Gary Abernathy to write:

Hillary Clinton may be a liberal in regard to the issue of gays and lesbians, but organizers apparently realized at some point that in West Virginia holding a fundraiser at a gay bed and breakfast would not be the best message to send. An official invitation circulating on Tuesday said the site has now been changed to the South Branch Inn in Moorefield, a traditional hotel and conference center.

Clinton’s campaign, however, insists the inn’s gay ways had nothing to do with the change of venue.

The campaign did explore having an event in Hardy County, West Virginia and the Guest House at Lost River Bed & Breakfast was one of the venues under consideration. However, it soon became clear that the B&B would not work for logistical reasons and at the end of the day, our schedule prohibited us from doing any event there. The fact that the Guest House at Lost River caters to the LGBT community played no role in our decision-making process.

The Republican Gazette, meanwhile, reports that Clinton’s calendar had nothing to do with it: they claim the event got axed after the campaign found out state funds and resources were used to send out the invitations – a big no-no for political campaigns.