CNN Anchors’ Meth Deal

Richard Quest’s a lucky man. Rather than being thrown in the slammer for being caught with meth, the CNN anchor will complete a six month treatment program, which will essentially make the matter disappear:

At Friday’s arraignment, Judge Anthony J. Ferrara told Mr. Quest that the case would be dismissed and sealed if he reported back in October and demonstrated sufficient progress in his therapy. The judge also agreed that there would be no restrictions placed on Mr. Quest’s ability to travel.

CNN has not released a statement on Quest’s arrest. They’re probably hoping it disappears, as well.

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  • PalePhoenix

    “Quest turned down a job offer from the English-language Al Jazeera channel, on the basis that being Jewish and gay he might not be suitable.” (Wikipedia)

    See, he’s not completely incapable of making intelligent choices.

    It would be too cunning of CNN to make him report on “The Economy of Drug Use in America” and force him to follow young, gay meth users. As it is, an anti-meth campaign recently held a network coup here in Phoenix by playing “Crystal Darkness” on all the local channels and allowing people to call in with questions after being grossed out by umpteen close-ups of rotting teeth and terrible skin.

    Well, it’s one way to assail a gay man’s vanity.

  • M Shane

    It’s affirming to see that the authorities and job were willing to willing to give Richard an opportunity to retrieve himself . I had doubts, given the circumstances of his “turning himself in” that he was a heavy, or addicted user. I’m sure that his hyperctivity on the show had more to do with being a type A personality than being on meth at work.

    I doubt that pictures of people with Zits or bad teeth will have many detrimental effects on anyone. That fact that we live in an uncivil, ignorant and greedy culture has keep people gusling booze and smoking tobacco which are both decidely worse than herion on human heatlh, yet people keep pumping up on them since they reap those corporate profits from which our congressmen get paid.Meth is worse than heroin but hardly cigarettes or Booze.
    You see how they fared with booze during prohibition: it gave the Mafia a good in.

    If the Government spent more time spreading wealth, health and education around and less time enlarging the American Empire and the military -industrial complex, perhaps people would find something worth living for and less
    to escape. Until then LOL. Drugs are just a distraction to dumb people out from what’s really happening.

    I’m not sure what the job offer from Al Jazzera has to do with anything. His being a Jew has no necessary implication with being a Zionist.
    The Moslems have lived side by side with Jews, Christians and other Sects for centuries.

  • PalePhoenix

    I’m not sure what the job offer from Al Jazzera has to do with anything. His being a Jew has no necessary implication with being a Zionist.

    True enough, but I merely plucked that from the locked Wikipedia page to aver that he was (A) gay; and (B) possessing of some integrity at least once before in his career. Al Jazeera is probably best understood as a Muslim Fox News. Fair & Balanced isn’t really in the vernacular of either, but while I personally welcome their reporting as counterpoint to our own media, as a gay Jew I think I would find it difficult to serve them, as well, and I ain’t no Zionist neithah. ;)

  • kevwyn

    i find it odd that a news anchor is now the “target” in an over hyped and all too personal look into his private life. too many mundane or not newsworthy topics make it into daily broadcasts because of the sensation it will create. it is too bad for someone to struggle and i hope he makes the most of his get out of jail free card . But this is not news its scandal and its geting old. if it was barbara walters in central park with a rope on her neck tied to her netherregions with some meth it would be news!integrity? theres no integrity in broadcast news!haha

  • Alec

    I’m not very familiar with NY drug laws, but this is pretty common for a first time offender in CA, at least if it involves simple possession. He would likely have received roughly the same treatment at the federal level.

    WHat is sad is that the NY Times felt the need to report on this in the first place.

  • Andy

    Get all victimless crimes removed from the statute books. It is insane that the state should be wasting its people’s money on ‘crimes’ that affect no-one but the person ‘committing’ them, while ignoring crimes that are actually serious.

  • ousslander

    Meth addiction is really not victimless. They get violent and assault people, commit theft to pay for their drugs. Plus how many meth addicts hold down full time jobs and support themselves.
    Crack/meth head should not be allowed on public assistance. Why should I have to help support someone who doesn’t give a shit about themselves?

  • Paul

    He was just lost looking for Anderson Cooper’s apartment…..

  • M Shane

    PPhonenix; I hate to think that anything could be as tilted as Fox; but presumably your right.
    Disd you see the article in the NYTimes about the Bush department of news fraud Sunday; it’s astonishing.I get the feeling that some people are envious of A Cooper or Quest. It seems to me that we should be proud to see these gay figures in prominent positions; so what if they do gay things on the side: maybe that’s what makes them queers: they like to fuck other guys!

  • PalePhoenix

    “I hate to think that anything could be as tilted as Fox…”

    Well, it being the closest thing we have to state-run media, the comparisons are abundant. I’m told the English version of Al Jazeera is run a little differently, but we have to remember that every terrorist, radical, beheader, and ‘insurgent’ tunes into–and sends their latest tapes to–the Arabic version. Anyway… Let’s stay on Quest ‘n’ Meth.

    I’m fairly sure it’s more than their sex partners that makes them gay, but while Quest is out (and apparently a wandering billboard for kink, too – see Towleroad blip) Cooper is, as yet, still happily perched on the Fence of Ambiguity. It is subway adjacent and features the Always Greener Lawn. Quest seems to like poking fun at royals and would probably have had a field day with Cooper’s mom, were he born here instead of the UK.

    As with anyone in the public eye with a substance abuse problem, the next few weeks will say a lot about his character and his prospects for recovery. Oddly, I’m worried CNN will object more to the ‘sextoy’ in his boot than the acetone and antifreeze in his respiratory passages.

    On a side note, the Google context-based ads at the foot of this page are a wry laugh.

  • Puddy Katz

    I’m glad he got a break, everyone deserves one break in life.
    Now, get it together sister, you better take that rehab seriously.

  • M Shane

    You’re a font of cheery ideas; almost shocked me at first! I neglect to realize that right wing Fascist governments have state-run but unrepresentative media, just as a Stalinist gov’t would. It’s a paradox that a government which exists for Corporations can have media like Fox working for it, when the government works for big businesses. Sort of paradoxical.
    I’m hoping that Quest will stay; I get tired of the cut throat ethics that businesses use: it undermines peoples beliefs in themseves. He’s cute too. With Anderson, I really suspect tthat they would cut his tonsils out if he was open. Sad but true these are not our days.
    I see that since the Republicans have empowered the rednecked religious fanatics that they have let a varmint lose in the henhouse of liberty.
    I have seen a few English Al-Jezeera articles that were ok.

    Speaking of state run media: Have you read yesturdays NYTimes article re; Bush & Rumsfelds “Dept of Propaganda”.

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