Colby Keller Stops By Westboro Baptist For A Cute Make-Out Sesh

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 1.49.05 PM

If you’re familiar with Colby Keller‘s body of work (emphasis on the body), then you’ll know that topping the list of unlikely places to catch the artist/performer is the Westboro Baptist Church, home to the queer-loving Phelps clan and all their hateful nonsense.

Well wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly where Keller and an unidentified lucky fellow made a pit stop recently to revel in their unabashed gayness in front of the symbol internalized fear and ignorance.

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Perhaps this will catch on as a meme, and visitors will start hanging out outside the church disrupting its goings on. It would certainly be a nice role reversal.

No word on whether or not they visited The Equality House, which sits in rainbow-colored defiance across the street from Westboro HQ. It also happens to be where power couple Dumbledore and Galdalf tied the knot.

Here’s the Tweet Keller shared: