Colin Farrell’s New Role: Best Man at Gay Brother Eamon’s Wedding


In Bruges actor and homemade porn star Colin Farrell will be on the altar at his brother Eamon’s wedding — to another dude. Colin is expected to play the role of best man between Eamon, a choreographer, and Steven Mannio. Except Ireland doesn’t recognize gay marriage, so what’s a boy to do? Well Eamon still plans on going full marriage: “I don’t really like civil union cake — I want a wedding cake at my party. Who wants a civil union? It’s just so legal. I want to be able to get married. The Government’s paper on civil unions is only for gay people. If you’re straight you can’t have one. So that’s not fair either. If you want a civil union you should be able to do it, if I want to get married I should be able to do it.”