College Footballer Indicted For Beating Two Gay Men, Meanwhile His Suspected Accomplice Is Drafted To The NFL

Butler as he's being indicted on felony civil rights violations for beating the gay couple.
Butler as he’s being indicted on felony civil rights violations for beating the gay couple.

A star running back from Marshall University was indicted after being caught on video assaulting two gay men. Meanwhile, his suspected accomplice was just drafted to play for the NFL, the Daily Beast reports.

The attack happened on April 5 in Huntington, West Virginia. The victims, Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams, were heading back to their hotel from a gay bar when one of them stopped to kiss the other.

Suddenly, a red Chevy Cobalt screeched to a halt. Steward “Stu” Butler, a 23-year-old running back at Marshall University, jumped out of the passenger side of the car screaming, “Stu don’t like that shit! Uh-uh! Stu don’t like that shit!”

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Butler then proceeded to punch each of the men in the face while calling them “motherfucking faggots” before the driver of the call said, “Come on, man! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Butler then got back in the car and it sped away. Little did he know, one of his victims had recorded the entire hate crime on his cellphone.

It took about a month, but police were eventually able to use the video to track down Butler. When they confronted him about the incident, he lied and said he was acting in self-defense. According to Butler, the men had pushed him and he “felt threatened,” so he punched them.

That’s when detectives told him there was video of the assault.

Butler was charged with two battery misdemeanors. (West Virginia’s hate crimes laws does not include sexual orientation.) On Friday, a Grand Jury indicted him on both counts. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 on each charge.

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As for the driver of the car, detectives believe that he, too, played football at Marshall University. When they showed the video to coaches, however, they refused to identify the man, claiming they knew who he was but that he was about to be drafted to play for the NFL.

So The Daily Beast did some digging. According to NFL Draft results, Marshall University’s Thundering Herd cornerback Darryl Roberts was just selected by the Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots in the seventh round.

When they reached out to Roberts for comment, he did not return their calls.