Colorado Wouldn’t Marry These Ladies, So They Went To Nepal (Where Gays Can’t Marry Either)

THE SHOT – Denver couple Courtney Mitchell and Sarah Welton tie the knot in Nepal’s first ever public lesbian wedding. According to the Associated Press:

A Hindu priest performed the ceremony. The couple offered flowers, fruits and money to the fire and gods at the traditional ceremony. The couple put flower garlands on each other while Mitchell put red vermillion powder on Welton’s forehead, which is equivalent of exchanging of rings in a Christian wedding.

Even though same-sex marriages aren’t legal in Nepal, the country has begun recognizing gay rights and drafting laws against sexual discrimination.

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  • Mirza

    Well I’m from India, and I just wonder why they didn’t go there instead? Although, I now live in Dubai… From what I’ve heard, India just recently opened up its doors to
    the gays!

  • dan4

    Mirza, I’m sure India wasn’t trendy enough for these gals. I’m surprised they didn’t
    try to get married in Palestine…..

  • Mirza

    Well if u haven’t heard, dan4, Palestine doesn’t fancy us gays now does it? Their try would have just remained a try if they had ever thought of getting married in Palestine, now wouldn’t it have? Ever gave that a thought?

  • dan4

    Well, Mirza, you should bring your keen foreign policy insights to the retarded queers at GAYS FOR PALESTINE! They seem to really fancy and respect the hateful, violent and backward Palestinian people.

  • Jeffree

    Two good reasons they may have chosen Nepal:
    1) Some people will go to great lengths to keep their families from attending their wedding….Nepal is far away & hard to get to. ++Aunt Jane won’t stand up in the middle of the service to say she objects strenuously to such a wedding. ++Nor will one of the Moms run sobbing up to the altar saying “Reconsider, please….This is just a phase you’re going through!”

    2) C’mon: They had the “first lesbian wedding EVER in Nepal;” No other couple can claim that feat.

    Congrats, ladies.

  • Mirza

    @dan4: well i don’t support palestine’s anti-gay law at all! y r u simply arguing?

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