Porn Star's Song Doesn't Suck

Colton Ford’s Lungs Be Hung

Hunky gay porn star and The Lair actor Colton Ford‘s new single, “The Way You Love Me” isn’t as bad as we anticipated. In fact, we’re going to say it’s kinda, sorta good.

Can you believe it?

Ford, as we mentioned, first made a gay name as a pornographer, but the star of Gang Bang Café has been blowing notes since the early 1990s. Apparently Ford got his start in 1992, when Denise Rich signed him and stuck him with “godfather of house music”, Frankie Knuckles. The dance influence certainly made its way into this single. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it into this Tony Sellari directed video.

For some strange reason, Sellari stuck Ford in an alley behind one of New York’s scuzziest, smelliest and sexiest bars, the Eagle. The result looks cheaper than a Florida blow job. The entire video would probably be a total bust if it weren’t for the (again) surprisingly tolerable song and art director Joe Oppedisano’s signature aesthetic style.

Give the track a twirl and let us know if you agree. We’re convinced Ford sampled a mid-late 80’s love song, perhaps one by Lionel Richie. Does anyone out there hear it in the synthesizer or have we just lost our collective virtual mind?

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