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Coming Soon To A TV Near You: A Gay White Rapper

From the creative team of HBO’s Eastbound & Down comes a new animated series called Chozen, which will premiere on FXX, the sister network of FX.

According to Deadline, the show is “about a gay white [bearish] rapper fresh out of prison with a new message and new skills, which he will use in his quest for redemption and domination.” Bobby Moynihan will voice the lead character (Chozen) and Grant Dekernion (Eastbound & Down) will rap original songs for the series.

No word on just exactly what the show will focus on but it will be part of the same family of TV that delivers It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League, two shows that are also moving over to the FXX in the fall.

[Photo: HuffPo/FXX]

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