British Soldier Files Discrimination Lawsuit

Commander Attempted Lesbianic Conversion

A British army commander allegedly attempted to convert his lesbian colleague. The unidentified female soldier claims her commander sent her vile text messages in the hopes that she’d give up women and join his sexual team.

One naughty message reportedly read, Look I might be able to convert you. You don’t know what you are missing.” The lesbian repeatedly rebuffed his advances, but she says she feared retribution, “I was panic stricken and embarrassed. He was my boss. I thought this was completely out of my control.” When his textual woos didn’t work, the male commander allegedly asked the lesbian to have a threesome with him and another female. He must have thought she’d be enticed by another vagina.

Frustrated by the harassment, the lesbian soldier filed a formal complaint. She soon began receiving tormenting phone calls at home and her beloved horse came down with a nasty rash. Coincidence? She thinks not and has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the man and his superiors.