COMMENTS: Supreme Court Marriage Call, Bullying Suicide, Gays In “Jet,” And More!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“I have been with the same man since I was 19 and homeless. He supported me when I had nothing and I am looking forward to marrying him and having the same rights as any other couple.”

“How many young people must die before schools and society take the problem of bullying seriously? Must we continue to bury our young gay and lesbian dead simply because schools refuse to protect ALL students? There should be zero tolerance for bullies – expel them and set an example. It would not take long for the word to penetrate even the thickest skulls.”

Taliaferro, in Gay Michigan Teen Josh Pacheco Commits Suicide Over Bullying

“WOW! I remember my parents getting Jet when I was a kid, and the cheesy bikini-clad centerfold. Now to see this: An African-American magazine featuring a same-sex couples.

We ARE winning this fight!”

ChiChi Man, in “Jet” Magazine and J. Crew Embrace Fabulous Gay Weddings


“I went to SMU in the early 1990s and started a gay fraternity. It was a huge deal and I got a lot of backlash about it publicly and privately. I went to the Sig Ep house my Freshman year actually and they were all stereotypical frat boys (drinking and lots of machismo). They were some of the wealthiest on campus too. It doesn’t surprise me at all that SMU officials tried to cover it up.

SMU is a very conservative school and I never have been very conservative. In an environment full of those types of people, hatred and bigotry fester and these types of incidences are bound to occur.

Sad, but not surprising.”

Lord, in SMU Fratboy Admits To Forcing Male Student To Have Sex

“Ho, Ho, Ho? More like 5,000 morons on the wrong side of history.”

Ron Jackson, in One Million Moms Ho-Ho-Hopping Mad Over Ellen’s JCPenny Christmas Ad