Complaining About Cops Arresting Henry Louis Gates Is Enough to Get Arrested

APPARENTLY … Walking down the street complaining about the disorderly conduct arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. is enough to get the cops to arrest you for … disorderly conduct. That’s what Pepin Tuma learned while strolling through D.C., making sure his comments were in earshot of the cops — and spent a few hours in jail, paid $35, and will have the arrest on his record for the privilege.

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  • Chuck

    Ofcourse it is in my great state of Boston. Another nutcase just called the proffssor a ” jungle monkey” but he says nooooooHe is not a racist!. Man…I am caucasian jew and I just don’t understand the deal with racists. My partner of 6 years who is AA is so calm and collected about this issues. I get more upset regarding race issues than him and He is the black guy. Go figure.

  • TANK

    On what grounds was he arrested. Lawsuit… After all, the moral of this story is don’t forget your keys–racial bias did not play a role here. Of course, hysterics thrive on the possibility.

  • TANK

    See, there’s no such thing as being too litigious. Lawsuit happy is happiness. Nothing changes without successful lawsuits, so sue your way into a perfect world.

  • RainaWeather

    Cops suck.

  • The Gay Numbers

    it’s funny how racial bias “did not” play a factor, but then the cop said he was told to look for a black person trying to break in when the woman calling in the case did not specific race. this reminds me of a friend of mine who dated white guys who said that one of them woke up one time screaming. when he asked the fellow what was his nightmare about, the guy stated he dreamed my friend had robbed him. I am sure no one sees anything ‘racial” in that either. but, that’s part of the way the majority keeps power. pretend they don ‘t see their own issues.

  • tricky ricky


  • PJ

    Here is the Huffington Post article about the incident:

    Part of the problem is D.C.s Disorderly Conduct laws in this case. Tuma seems to be fighting it under the First Amendment and he believes he has an actionable claim. (There’s your law suit, Tank.)

    In this case, Tuma may have a claim. He was just expressing his opinion and the cop over-reacted. I would be interested to see what comes from this incident. What is more interesting is that this was not a case of racial profiling. The Gates case is a case of racial profiling.

  • Cam

    In the article it says that the cop called him a “Faggot” That could be trouble for the cop if there were witnesses. “Faggot” is listed as hate speech in DC.

  • Coco

    Is this DC lawyer gay

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