In Musical Form, Of Course...

Cornel West Comes Out For Queers

Princeton professor Cornel West isn’t content teaching our nation’s future leaders, analyzing American racism and making a cameo in The Matrix. No, this over achieving thinker’s shooting for the stars with Never Forget: A Journey of Revelation.

On this collaborative effort – which costars Jill Scott, Talib Kweli and other lyrical luminaries – West’s working to break down America’s misogynistic, homophobic culture.

We know that misogyny is shot through the culture. It’s in country. It’s in rhythm and blues. It’s in the White House, and it’s on Wall Street. So you can’t just single out the hip-hop artists and have them bearing the burden for the whole culture.

We need to respectfully challenge them on the issues of misogyny and homophobia. You can hear that on the album, too. Quit bashing gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

Can you dig it?