Courts Are Now Falling Over Each Other To Overturn Marriage Bans

MarriageLicenseWAOK, we’re all used to getting favorable court rulings on marriage equality at this point. But last week’s ruling from Colorado was favorable to the point that it felt like a crazy dream. The judge basically ruled that County Clerks can ignore the law prohibiting marriage equality because it is just not a good law. We did not think judges could do that!

But he did, and now hundreds of gays and lesbians have gotten hitched. (Congrats, Colorado homos!)

There’s no telling whether these marriages will actually be upheld, or revoked as they were in San Francisco in 2004. But it certainly contributes to a climate in which a U. S. Supreme Court justice might feel comfortable ruling in our favor.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, one of them just gave us a little wedding present: Justice Alito has rejected an attempt by a clerk in Pennsylvania to challenge marriage equality there. She never really had a chance, but it’s still reassuring to see that Alito didn’t have any patience for her homophobic nonsense.

And don’t stop celebrating yet! We have briefings due in a couple of states, and decisions due in a few more. And you know what that means: more favorable rulings coming our way in the next few weeks.


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