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  • Lefty

    Surely Craig Ferguson is the biggest cock on US TV.
    No wonder he became a US citizen.
    He couldn’t get arrested in the UK.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’ve found that foot size doesn’t matter–hand size does. Nature doesn’t give a man more than he can “handle”.

  • wrong again

    Hands size, foot size, nose size and height are all irrelevant!!

    There is not correlation either way!!

    p.s. This also applies to racial sterotypes also.. So don’t go there!!!

  • Lefty

    The best indicator of the size of a man’s cock is the size of his cock.
    The bigger his cock, the bigger his cock.

  • Stephen

    Both Craig Ferguson and Jeffrey Tambor are hilarious!

  • Dagrlzrd

    Colin Ferguson’s basket looks pretty darn big. Bette Midler has a song on the album called Bath-house Betty. Big Socks: “All I can see besides your big feet, is that you’ve got big socks’ (You go girl) Until it is in my mouth or ass, whatever dude…..

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