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Craigery Morgan Does Australian Impersonations, Too

SNL “Surprise Party” impersonator and lust object Craigery Morgan isn’t here just to entertain American audiences. He’s on something of an impromptu media tour as his cewebrity reaches all corners of the earth, including Australia.

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    All of a sudden he becomes “straight” ……Sorry we don’t need to be tossing support nor giving publicity to someone who has a closet with a revolving door………

  • Hilarious

    Personally I don’t care if he is or isn’t gay. As of yet he hasn’t done anything worthy of the word “talented”.

    He’s cute, that’s it. I can point you in the direction of plenty cute guys all up and down the East coast and ridiculously hot guys who’ll never look most people’s way here in LA.

    If being physically attractive is talent then it’s a dime a dozen one that a lot of people seem to have.

    And if he is “straight”(which I doubt) then his flaming “impersonations” are more of a mockery are they not? I mean the “joke” is that he’s coming off so feminine right?

  • John

    Uh, maybe he didn’t realize how popular his videos would be… and perhaps, being 20 and all, he has yet to tell his family.

  • Jake

    Why do you guys talk out of your rears? He is gay and out. He even did an advocate interview and was at the local Tampa gay bar. He was a really nice guy in person to meet too and even did impressions for us. He’s a sweetheart in person.

  • Jake

    He is gay and out. He even did an advocate interview and was at the local Tampa gay bar. He was a really nice guy in person to meet too and even did impressions for us. He’s a sweetheart in person.

    6 million views says your wrong about his talent.

  • Hilarious

    @Jake: Jersey Shore’s popularity says I’m not.

  • smith

    Not funny, just annoying.


    @Jake: On his original FB and MS profiles he was clearly out. His official website now disowns all sites claiming they are all fakes. (Interesting that before he began to get a good deal of attention that someone would have the forsight to create fake profiles for him) He did an interview with and while he claims to appreciate the support of the Gays he never actually utters the words “I am Gay”…………

    I gots nothing against a guy trying to make a name for himself. However I an not in favor of a Gay site drumming up support for someone who it seems to have ducked back into the closet when he began to get some attention and then still wants Gay attention and support simply because he is attractive. There are a zillion other dudes on the internets.

    If Queerty wants to adopt one, thats swell, make sure he is stamped with a 100% certified Gay tag that doesn’t expire as soon as you gain an degree of fame……….

  • Shouldn't certain gay sites & their commenters stop bullying gays too? ( John from England)


    Well said.

  • no thanks

    I don’t get it. He can lip sync and do some marginally funny impressions of actual actors doing marginally funny impressions. This is like when Blake Lewis from American Idol tried to convince us he should also be an actor, but this time wrapped in a twink package.

    Good on him for being enterprising with the youtube insta-celebrity stuff, but if SNL actually cast him, I’d stop watching the show.

    Also, all of the postulating about his sexuality on here is ridiculous. It’s not like he’d date any of you, regardless of how he butters his bread.

    He’s also losing his hair at 20, which kind of makes me happy.

    That is all.

  • Jake

    But the kid is gay…. He clearly is gay. He comes to gay bars and has gay friends. Just because your own dick isn’t in his mouth doesn’t mean he’s not haha

  • Billy

    Bunch of old queens on this site. Go gay youth!!


    @Joseph: Sorry, I don’t support those who want us to support them, then once they get a whiff of potential success suddenly they hightail it back into the closet as not to “offend” the straight community with their Gayness……..

    This is a lift from his offical site:

    “Regarding social networks

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions about facebooks and myspaces. All facebooks and myspaces using my pictures or claiming to be me are fake”

    Intersting, all the sites where he states he is Gay, suddenly are fake…………

  • Lefty

    If he is trying to slip back in the closet that’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Given how… well, gay he is!?
    If that is what he’s doing then it is very lame.
    But I can’t really think badly of him, as he’s so fucking adorable.
    I’m tragic, I know.

  • Vman455

    @Jake: Really? “Dramatic look gopher” has 25 million views on Youtube–how much talent did that take? “Sneezing baby panda,” 1.7 million–same question? “Leave Britney alone” has been viewed 34 million times! How much “talent” there? Or how about Numa Numa guy (10.9 million)? Nowadays, when anyone can get his or her 15 minutes of fame quite easily through the magic of the internet, talent seems to be the last requirement.

  • TheInsider

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I really hope he goes away, unless he comes out. Craigery, no laughing matter what you’re doing, this biz of going back in the closet if indeed you’re gay. So please, if you read this, have a bit more backbone.

  • BubbasBack

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: he and his big ears can go back in the closet, for all i care. burp.

  • Larry from TX

    Kids 20. Maybe it just hasn’t “gotten better” for him with his family yet. Chill out. We applaud for filming yourself as a flaming homo Craigery.
    Seriously. Takes guts I don’t have and no one else tossing shade here does either.

  • Jon B

    I’m like 75% sure I saw him at The Ritz in NYC this weekend… wonder if that’s possible.

  • ilan1977

    I think being a marginally talented fit fairy is enough for people to get noticed and have a shot at trying to make it big in H’wood. So hooray for him if his youtube video’s are opening doors for him. I am sure that most of the negative critique is not based on taste but on jealousy for not being able to create something positively noticable.

    And even if he does not publicly acknowledge that he is gay, I think there is still a strong message sent to kids who are struggling being different that different at the least is okay, if not good or excellent. So yeah, it can get better.

    It’s sad to see some people out there acid rain on his parade but I guess when you attract viral attention it won’t be all good. But that is something he will have to deal with too, being in the spotlight. I wish him all the best.

  • Devonasa

    Although he now goes tom UCF, he was at my school, UNF, for a year..and he is completely out to his friends, family, and classmates. He even was dating a guy for 2 years.

    So please stop trying to start crap….I didn’t know every gay man had to proclaim they are gay without even being asked first. When he says “I’m straight” then feel free to bring out the pitchforks and torches, I’ll even bring along his ex for good measure.

  • hephaestion

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Who said he’s straight? He’s certainly not. Where did you get such a bizarre idea?

  • Hilarious

    @Mike: Wow, normally I ignore that site, but not only was that article fair, it was dead on.

    I didn’t know he was racist on top of untalented. I take back any “cute” comments he got from me, he doesn’t even have that going for him anymore.

    In a time when the media is finally paying attention to teen suicides(specifically gay teen) this idiot decides to make fun of black men. Yeah, that’ll help it “get better”. Makes me want to drop a few F-bombs his direction and I am gay.

    Send this worthless sack back to the garbage heap he crawled out of or to porn which is basically the same thing but more like recycling.

  • Joshua

    Its a parody of a commercial for a college here in orlando and it’s dead ass funny accurate.

  • mrm1975guy

    He’s going to end up in porn anyway. He needs to stop doing YouTube vids and start doing Xtube vids.

  • Shouldn't certain gay sites & their commenters stop bullying gays too? ( John from England)

    Bitchy gay commenters! Love it!

  • Lefty



  • Pip

    This could be the first ever talented person on YouTube.

  • timncguy

    rather odd that the interviewers in Australia couldn’t get his name right. They changed it from Craigery to Craig.



    On his Facebook and MySpace profiles he proclaimed he was out fully 100% of the oh so very Gay variety. Yet once he began to get a bit of notierity he suddenly decided to look for that fabulous shirt waaaaay in the back of his closet and decided to stay there. He did an interview with and “appreciates” the Gay support but does not state he is Gay. He claims his older profiles are “fake”. My guess is he has someone now advising him and was told to jet the whole “Gay thing”………….

    Ya want to be an out and proud performer, I support ya 100% and wish you the best. You suddenly install a revolving door on your closet……..not so much


    PS: I would venture a guess that Craigery is well aware of Queerty……..Please put the matter to rest on your official site………..

  • Mike

    Plays well…

    Ummm, lets just get a few things ‘straight’. I’m not a fan of the guy, I don’t think any of his own material is original, interesting or funny.

    But the pages he speaks of ARE fake. They didn’t even get his home state correct. The sites were probably 50-year’ish’-old queens who used his pics to troll for nude pics of hot young guys.

    He actually has a personal MySpace and Facebook, still going, that he keeps private.

  • yogi

    Some of you gay queens really want him to be straight, why’s that? I don’t understand. He’s out and proud only he doesn’t want his sexuality to overlap his amazing talent.

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