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  • Mike

    Few things:

    1) He didn’t post the pics on GWiP, they were taken from his webpages.

    2) He’s come out as straight *pouty face*

    3) He’s still adorable.

    4) His Surprise Party video has passed 3 million hits. Hot!!


    Ok so there are a zillion other hawt dudes on the internets. Last time I looked there was something about a “Gay agenda” on the tag line for this site. If he came out as straight and is posting pics with girlies (#3) can we be done with him??????

    PS It is so very annoying that his parents could not decide between “Craig” and “Gregory”………….

  • Hilarious

    So “talented”.

  • REBELComx

    @Mike: Straight? ROFLMAO. The Bad Romance, the over the top lipsynching, the modeling, the bod, the made up gay as hell stage name? Seriously? What’s he keep in that purse that falls out when he opens his mouth?

  • Mike

    @REBELComx: Your view of what makes a person gay and what makes them straight is very limited.

  • anyway

    @1 Mike: Where’d he come out as straight? I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed, and I thought I’ve seen everything there is about him on the web so far. Either way, he’s still adorable.

    @4 Rebel: You do realize that the purse falling out of his mouth is the voice of SNL’s Kristin Wiig, right? (I’ve been amazed how many people haven’t picked up on that.) Morgan released a “thank you” YouTube with his own voice — and there was no “purse”.

  • Matthew

    He might be closeted, most definitely closeted. I’m sorry, I’m very understanding of the line between straight and gay these days is a very thin one but even you cant say you don’t have your doubts of him actually being straight. But in the end if he is straight good for him, but if he’s not then he shouldn’t be afraid of embracing who he is. And you know maybe that’s it, he might have not yet embraced it. I mean a big sign told me when someone commented on his video saying something about him being a gay hero and he said thank you, he might have been modest but you usually know where not denying it leads to; i.e. Anderson Cooper.

  • EdWoody

    He is almost imhumanly gorgeous.

  • REBELComx

    @Mike: Stereotypes exist for a reason, bud. And please don’t confuse my moment of cynical humor for a broad paintbrush. You’re view of my opinions based on a single good humored joke is very limited. Do you razz on the twinks at a pride parade wearing “2qt2bstr8” shirts too? Lighten up.

  • REBELComx

    @anyway: i meant in the videos where he actually talks. he does have a few where you can hear his real voice.

  • REBELComx

    Well i hear it anyway. maybe it’s just a small change purse. but i hear it.


    @REBELComx: “maybe it’s just a small change purse”…..LMFAO!! :p

  • NAP79

    There is no way this kid is straight. Not at all.

  • Brad

    He could not have come out as straight, nor is he closeted. His myspace page says “I’. gay. Don’t even try changing that, haha”

  • Adam

    @Brad: He doesn’t have a MySpace page. He’s from FL, not CA and he never worked at A&F. Read his site. The only three spots that are real are 1) his website 2) his twitter 3) his facebook

  • timncguy

    really? he’s straight? Must be a guido then. Isn’t it just gays and guidos that comb their hair up into that point in the middle of their head?


    @timncguy: Ya forgot one! :p


  • MuscleBoy

    This queen needs to get a life and be productive.

  • Stenar

    There’s no fuckin’ way that kid is straight.

  • Zen

    What a toolbag. Also, yes, his name is friggen ridiculous. It’s kind of weird actually that people with strange, flamboyant names like that usually end up gay.

  • AdonisOfFire

    His myspace says he is GAY.

  • whatever

    boring and gay. his 30s are going to suck, he should enjoy these years while they last.

  • Jon B

    @Mike: Today, on National Coming Out Day, he twittered, “I love you all to Della Reese’s Pieces.” Not only do I have a new favorite saying, but I’m fairly certain that alone contradicts the whole being straight thing. In a court of law, I’d feel comfortable resting my case there… but I’ll go on. He calls someone, “My little tampax pearl,” claims, “I’m a lil monster :P,” tells Stephen Fry “I love your work,” and invites AussieBum to write to him on his gmail account because “I love your product!”

    Oh, and the thank you video and the call to his mom pretty much seal the deal… not sure where you got your info… I found mine in like 3 seconds with a google search, and it’s pretty overwhelming.

  • Electro

    Wow! Calling him a toolbag? Would you gladly share with me the evidence that gave you this conclusion? Why are you so quick to judge? You don’t know him. However on the other hand, I’m not going to praise him about what a nice and cool guy he is. I don’t know him either.

    I’m sorry I just don’t understand why everyone here is so judgmental. It’s not just this article but anything remotely positive on Queerty, you guys try to find the most negative things about it. A bigot makes a homophobic comment, I’d understand but this…I just don’t.

  • Billy

    @Mike: Nobody that dresses like that is str8, Please! A hag hag posing with him for sure.

  • L.

    I wish I had enough fashion sense to have different iPhone covers for my different outfits, too.

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