Crocker Breaks Promise For Obama Endorsement

Boy queen Chris Crocker, who’s looking more and more like the haunting spectre of a Top Model reject, went against his promise to quit YouTube and on Friday uploaded to the video sharing site an endorsement for That One, Barack Obama.

The whole thing is more or less a grating disaster, but it is nice to see a Democratic voter fighting idiotic faux patriotism with idiotic faux patriotism: “Anyone that’s not voting for Barack Obama does not care about our country and is not American.”

Full video after the jump.


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  • fredo777

    I’m convinced that Queerty doesn’t want Obama to win.

  • Wolf

    WHY do you even give that HOT MESS Crocker any space. You are just enabling that “thing”

  • My View

    @ 2 · Wolf who said ‘WHY do you even give that HOT MESS Crocker any space. You are just enabling that “thing”‘

    Why, is your opinion the only one that should count? Ever heard of freedom of expression?

    Didn’t think so! To refer to another human being us ‘thing’ speaks volumes about your spiritual (in)maturity.

    Me thinks the US is going to rue the day they ignored Ron Paul and voted for one of these two clowns instead!

    Good luck from Europe, you’ll definetely need it!!!

  • Tim

    I have to agree I fail to see how this is worthy of coverage, I mean Zipster endorsed Obama too why is that not news as well?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    This election season is so long that Chris Crocker has had gender re-assignment and I no longer remember what was memorable about him/her.

  • psy

    My eyeeeeessss… it burns!

  • RainaWeather

    Fuck you guys, I like Chris. And to #2, he is a HUMAN, not a thing.

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