Cruise Local Guys On Your iPhone


It was inevitable that a programmer would be hired to take the technological brilliance of the iPhone and merge it with a gay’s favorite pastime: hooking up.


Behold Grindr, a new iPhone app that uses GPS to find guys in your area looking for the same thing you are: No-strings screwing. Or, for the more modest: An opportunity to meet a new platonic friend for skinny vanilla lattes or professional networking! Riiiight.

Grindr is the type of platform that, like any website dedicated to meeting other sex partners, increases in value with the more users signed up (just like Facebook and Twitter). The iPhone already uses GPS to recommend nearby restaurants and locate your friends; finding circle jerk buddies was only a logical next step.

Once you check in with your own location, you can see photos of guys in the area. Look promising? Start up a chat right in Grindr and decide whether it’s gonna be your place, his place, or the Hilton.

And did we mention the best part? It’s free! Which means you can install Grindr just to, uh, see which of your friends are cruising the neighborhood — and then bring it up at your next dinner party. (We’ve already spotted a close friend, who’s betrothed, signed online … but he’s “only looking for friends.”)

If sites like Manhunt and adam4adam are wise, they’ve got competing apps en route.

YOUR TURN TO SHARE: Have you used Grindr? Okay, fess up! Tell us how you’ve used the app to find new “friends.”

[GrindriTunes Download Link]

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  • Thor

    If only the photo montage above was realistic.

  • Coke

    downelink has the same capability.

  • Jason in WV

    I’m always amazed at how these things want you to believe that every gay guy is fit, cute, and hot. Incredible.

  • SpWe

    I’ll have a ‘Keith’ and a ‘Jared’ please!

    Yes, fries as well.

  • Duffman

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting for a Manhunt app, but this will hold me over till then.

  • mylilpip

    @Jason in WV: and white

  • parisinla

    I just downloaded it Superawsome!

  • adolf

    wheres the app with stocky, beefy, hairy guys? cause i’ll be waiting for that one

  • JP Zenger

    Does Grindr tell you whether the guys have anal gonorrhea or AIDS?

  • Mattbydesign

    @JP Zenger:

    or smell like curry?

    long story….

  • jason

    Is this such a good idea? I mean, our gay community has a horrible sub-culture of promiscuity and sleaze, so do we really need to add to it? Personally, I’m abhorred by the promiscuity of men who visit male-male sex clubs.

  • juan

    so true!

  • Evan

    Just one more tool for sex addicts. Now you can hook up at the airport, grocery store, almost anywhere. Great! Just what the gay community needs.

  • Robin

    Why is it just for gay people? We aren’t the only ones hooking up, I’ll tell you that!

  • The Krazed Wookie

    @Thor: It’s pretty realistic for my area, I can’t speak for yours however.

  • LVAngel

    @jason: OMG Jason! I almost dropped the Bible!!!! LOL

  • anonymous

    @Thor: @Thor: the photos are all of real people. i’ve dated one, they were paid for their photos being used.

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