Cyndi Lauper Sez, “Hi, Everyone!”

We just love special messages from our fans, readers and assorted enemies, but we especially love notes from celebrities.

In the past we’ve received word from such greats as Owen Hawk and Cady Huffman, but never has such an iconic supernova of a star such as Cyndi Lauper ever thought of lobbing even the most mundane grunt in our direction. We almost pissed ourselves when we heard our favorite fun-loving girl say, “What’s up everyone at Queerty…” She even remembered your name! “Everyone!” That’s a top notch girl…

Ms. Lauper’s made a moving image to give you the “heads up” about her forthcoming, HRC-endorsed True Colors Tour. If you want more information, just head on over the the True Colors Tour website, she says. Then she says, “Thank you” and nods humbly.

Oh, “Cyn” – we’re all on a first syllable basis! – we should be thanking you! Thank you for all your pro-gay work, you’re super radical music and, most of all, for knowing our name!!! (OMG!) We’d shed a tear if we weren’t wearing so much eyeliner – oh, yeah, thank you for that, too.

(PS: “Cyn” forgot, but we’re sure she’d like to say, “Sorry I didn’t send you the embedding code. I was too busy she bopping.” Then we’d say, “Whoa, Cyndi, we’re totally friends and all, but we don’t need to know your masturbation cycle.”)

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