Blasts GOP, Democrats

Cynthia McKinney Turns Green For Pres. Race

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney threw her hat into the presidential race this week – as a Green Partier!

Most of you probably remember the Georgia-native from her run in with a Capital Hill copper last year, but others may recall McKinney’s pro-LGBT work. She fought for binational gay couples’ rights and joined her progressive peers in fighting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Though she once sided with the Democrats, McKinney says she and the Green Party will pave a new way:

The Democrats, no different than their Republican counterpart, eat out of the hands of corrupt lobbyists and feed at the same corporate trough. I am proud to say the Green Party is my new political home.

The Republicans have deceived us, the Democrats have failed us. But we cannot deceive ourselves and we must not fail in our struggle for peace because the world still looks to America for leadership. Now, we must be those leaders.”

McKinney says that those who believe in “social justice” and believe in Martin Luther King’s dream should come together to support her. That sounds good in theory, but is it politically pragmatic?