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Czech Republic Requires Gay Refugees To Prove Their Gayness

In order to successfully apply for and receive safe haven in the Czech Republic from your intolerant home land, you must pass a test to prove you’re a homosexual. And if you refuse? Go back to Iran, or wherever.

In what those darn liberal advocates will surely call an infringement of civil rights (the same ones who refer to TSA screenings as a violation of unreasonable search and seizure!), the country’s process for determining who gets to say basically comes down to studying for the SAT. Or something equally painful, PinkNews notes.

According to information provided by the Czech Ministry of the Interior, ‘phallometric testing’ for asylum seekers who claim to be gay may be used “where inconsistencies appear in [an] interview”. This procedure came to light in a German court regarding the claim of a gay Iranian man. In principle, asylum seekers cannot be forced to undergo the test and must give written consent and be fully briefed about the technique. However, those who refuse the test may be assumed to be lying and may fear that their application will be rejected outright if they refuse. In addition, bisexual people are unlikely to pass the test.

It’s like when you’re pulled over under suspicion of driving while intoxicated: You can refuse a breathalyzer, but that basically means you’re guilty, and you’ll temporarily lose you license. In addition, buzzed people are unlikely to pass that test either.

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  • Brandon H

    Look at some tits, if you get a hard on your out!?

    Thats fucked up.

  • Cam

    Well on the bright side, at least they are allowing gays to claim anti-gay harassment as a reason for entry unlike many countries.

    But I have to ask, if a woman applies for entry from a country because of the way they treat women do they look up her skirt to make sure she is actually a woman?

  • Simon

    Czech Republic is one of the most tolerant country in Europe. If watching Czech gay porn is the test, why not ?! ;)

  • divkid

    I wouldn’t mind partaking in this: pop-appliance-on-peen-porn-party. Presumably tits wont be featured because a positive response wouldn’t rule out bisexuality. So it has to be gay porn as the benchmark. But some gays–or maybe just me — cant watch gay porn because it doesn’t get them off/turns them off. What then?

  • divkid

    damn i coulda shoe-horned “prague” in there too!

  • Ron

    @divkid: Gay porn doesn’t do it for you? I wonder if that is at all common? For me, just saying the words “gay porn” gets me going….

  • divkid

    @ron: thinking about you getting going, gets me going! But no. turns me off. Have to stray onto enemy territory to get my jollies. Forgive me.

    I hear many lesbians cant watch “lesbian” porn. blah blah Objectifying the body.. blah or something.

  • papparon

    I guess this has to be tolerated because asylum is sure to be abused by terrorists if not. With that said, there are many ways to bio-metrically measure sexual preference without putting a bell on your pecker and showing you gay porn.

  • divkid

    @papparon : No, you’re elevating their motives up to the level of unreasonable fear and paranoia. Alas *sigh*, its just your bog standard xenophobia and homophobia in a repackaged 2 for 1 deal.

    Apparently the study material is the straight variety. So if your bisexual then that’s you buggered then. Err, or not! ?

  • dvd-junkie

    What about impotent gays?

  • divkid

    @dvd-junkie: Feel the need to share? ;)

    But to answer your point, I believe the electrical signals these machines can pick up can be barely consciously detected by you yourself; that’s to say, way before you get wood. And no-one is THAT impotent — without severe nerve damage or spinal column injury. But it raises the question if, say, you had spinal cord damage and couldn’t externalise inner sexual desires would they still categorise you AS homosexual (or any-sexual)?

  • TallCR

    Um, am I missing something, or couldn’t the “scientist” doing the testing have just looked at the guy being tested and quickly realized that he isn’t your “average” (for the US, anyway) straight guy (past the age of 19, anyway)? Sorry if that’s ageist/sexist/internalized homophobia/fill-in-the-blank. :)

  • Jeffree

    At least a couple news reports indicate the refugees watch str8 porn. That seems backward, because as long is there a guy in action some (many?) of us might still “respond positively” to the visuals!

  • divkid

    @TallCR, don’t be hard on your self for your judgement, you are being ENTIRELY REASONABLE… OFCOURSE you are: clearly, aside from YOU AND I — both incredibly manly lookin’ specimens — all the rest of the sausage jockeys are too-flamingly-obviously-fagish-lookin’. But demz’da’breakz gurlfrenz.

    But why can you tell only after 19? What life changing/traumatising event could DO that? I didn’t get CC’d on THAT meeting..Damn I miss out on all the good parties.

  • jason

    Porn arousal is not a good indicator of sexual orientation. Firstly, porn is mostly boring. If you get a boner, it has to be really, really good porn.

    Secondly, there are lesbians who get turned on by gay male porn. There are also gay men who get turned on by lesbian porn. In other words, arousal can be caused by a fetish, and is not an indication of your orientation.

  • divkid

    @jason said: “Porn arousal is not a good indicator of sexual orientation. Firstly, porn is mostly boring. If you get a boner, it has to be really, really good porn.”

    …or really, REALLY, **BAD** porn ;P

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