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Czech Republic Requires Gay Refugees To Prove Their Gayness

In order to successfully apply for and receive safe haven in the Czech Republic from your intolerant home land, you must pass a test to prove you’re a homosexual. And if you refuse? Go back to Iran, or wherever.

In what those darn liberal advocates will surely call an infringement of civil rights (the same ones who refer to TSA screenings as a violation of unreasonable search and seizure!), the country’s process for determining who gets to say basically comes down to studying for the SAT. Or something equally painful, PinkNews notes.

According to information provided by the Czech Ministry of the Interior, ‘phallometric testing’ for asylum seekers who claim to be gay may be used “where inconsistencies appear in [an] interview”. This procedure came to light in a German court regarding the claim of a gay Iranian man. In principle, asylum seekers cannot be forced to undergo the test and must give written consent and be fully briefed about the technique. However, those who refuse the test may be assumed to be lying and may fear that their application will be rejected outright if they refuse. In addition, bisexual people are unlikely to pass the test.

It’s like when you’re pulled over under suspicion of driving while intoxicated: You can refuse a breathalyzer, but that basically means you’re guilty, and you’ll temporarily lose you license. In addition, buzzed people are unlikely to pass that test either.