D.C.’s Wedding Industry Is Creaming Itself For Your Business

Washington D.C.’s marriage for the gays isn’t just good for same-sex couples looking for a few benefits. It’s also good for the local economy. Now we already know the wedding industry is salivating over the chance to exploit a whole new market, but who knew they’d be getting started on the niche before, uh, some gay couples.

On the fourth floor of D.C. Superior Court, where more than 60 couples had assembled by 9 a.m. [on Wednesday], a Dupont Circle bakery, Hello Cupcake, handed out free cupcakes to waiting couples.

At least five other local businesses have reached out to the Human Rights Campaign to offer goods or services needed to stage the day at the courthouse, according to Nick McCoy, an HRC field organizer working the event. D.C.-based HRC is the nation’s largest gay rights advocacy group.

As the newly licensed — but not yet married — couples left the courthouse, they were greeted by caterers and event planners offering flowers and congratulations. A Hyatt Regency representative handed couples a rose with a small flyer attached: Beginning on Mar. 9, the first day weddings can take place in D.C., Hyatt Regency Washington is offering 50 percent off food and beverage for same-sex wedding events booked immediately.

Milk this, people! Before long, gay weddings will be like any other wedding, and the freebies that are now courting the business of the trailblazers won’t last forever. Half off food and beverage? If that includes top shelf liquor, here’s our advice: Find any random same-sex stranger, and book your wedding hall stat. Because soon enough, it’ll be an environment where the only gay wedding deals you’ll find are marked down wedding dresses off the rack. Ahhh!

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