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With Dallas gay bars closed, this bathhouse reopens?

Club Dallas. Via Facebook

With Texas Governor Greg Abbot (R) issuing directives that bars can reopen tomorrow, several popular gay bars in the city have opted to remain closed for the protection of patrons. On the other hand, the gay bathhouse Club Dallas has announced it will reopen May 25.

Towleroad reports that Club Dallas made the announcement on Facebook before subsequently deleting the post. “Social distancing must be maintained in all areas,” it said.

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The same report also says that showers and public play areas will remain closed, though private rooms will be available for rent. Club staff will require face masks in some areas, and offer temperature checks at the door.

The reopening announcement comes at a precarious time in the COVID-19 epidemic. Texas, along with several other Republican-led states have rushed to reopen public spaces despite warnings from public health officials of a second wave of coronavirus infections. The news also comes as the Washington Post reports that the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has predicted cases of COVID-19 infection will triple in the next few months.