Dan Choi Knows Plenty of Gay Activists Don’t Like Him. Big Whoop

The first gay pride parade Lt. Dan Choi ever attended was San Francisco’s. Last year. When he served as grand marshal. No wonder so many activists can’t stand the guy.

Easily the boldest active duty solder fighting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Choi draws ire from two distinct camps: gay activists (particularly in Gay Inc.) and servicemembers (particularly gay ones). And while I’m sure there are folks who belong to both camps that don’t like the guy, I haven’t heard from them, but feel free to email me!

But no matter what you think of Choi’s tactics (chaining himself to the White House fence; trying to subpoena President Obama), you gotta give the guy credit for speaking more transparently than any self-appointed gay leader. Especially those who have told Choi to take a back seat while the experts get their names in the papers.

[Video interview from NYC Pride via]