Dan Renzi Takes on Ex-Beau’s New Book

Jim McGreevey and Dina Matos McGreevey aren’t the only couple with a book war on their hands. Former Real Worlder (and Queerty editor), Dan Renzi alleges that his journo-ex, Johnny Diaz, used him as inspiration in Diaz’s new book, Boston Boys Club.

The book – Diaz’s first – follows the trials and tribulations of a gay Latino man named Tommy Perez. While Diaz admits Perez’s life parallels his own, he adamantly denies that he based Perez’s boyfriend, Kyle, on Renzi – who did not know of the so-called similarities until after The Advocate approached him about the article.

We have to admit, however, Kyle does sound a bit like Renzi: a “lean, preening model and former reality show star who makes a red-carpet entrance into the club every Thursday as if a swarm of cameras still follows his every move.” Despite these characteristic coincidences, Diaz tells The Advocate:

Kyle is not Dan. There are a lot of former reality stars out there who are models. The characters in the book are all composites of people I’ve met and known over the years.

Renzi ain’t buying it.

According to The Advocate‘s article, Renzi responded thus:

C’mon, how many former reality stars does he know with aspirations of being a model who ultimately becomes a public speaker? I mean, the name of the show Kyle was on in the book is called The Real Life.

We talked about the book over the phone last night, and I still love the guy to death. We’ll always be friends.

Renzi tells us, however, that those aren’t his words:

I’m really more annoyed that the reporter paraphrased all my (brief) quotes–I don’t think I’ve ever said “C’mon.” I said it out loud when I read the article, to see what it would sound like coming out of my mouth. It was weird. Nor did I say “I still love the guy to death.” We need to get The Advocate‘s reporters some tape recorders.

Renzi also doubts Diaz’s claim he imagined his protagonist.

I like how Johnny says the characters are fictitious. The main character isn’t based on himself, it just happens to be a gay Cuban newspaper writer who lives in Boston. Because there is a humongous Cuban population in New England, you know, the character could be based on ANY NUMBER of the gay Cuban journalists residing in the area.

Well, the proverbial they always say, “Write what you know…”

Renzi’s mother, meanwhile, has jumped into the ring. And, perhaps, has eyes on adapting Boston Boys Club into a movie. But not with Ann Margaret. She’s too old…