Dan Savage Comes Up With His Next Genius Idea: Following LGBT Politicians Around

Besides writing a weekly advice column, recording podcasts, taping MTV’s Savage U, making appearances on cable news shows, shepherding It Gets Better and angering trans activists, Dan Savage doesn’t have a lot to do.

Why is why he’s taken on another project: looking at LGBT political candidates across the country as they prepare to run for office.

The acerbic advocate and a production team from MTV have been granted access by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund to film at its LGBT Candidate and Campaign Training sessions.

“This is uncharted territory,” said Savage.  ”We’re seeing progress on LGBT issues, but in order to effect real change, representation in government is essential.  Aspiring LGBT candidates face a unique set of hurdles on the way to political office.  The goal of this project is to follow a number of LGBT political candidates, and highlight Victory’s groundbreaking approach to helping them win.”

Of course, not all LGBT politicians have our best interests at heart. (Former GOP congressional candidate Paul Babeu comes to mind.) Will we learn about them? Do they even come to these kinds of training sessions or are they too busy trying to get people to forget they’re gay.