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Daniel Craig Hits Up Gay Bar, Outed As 80s Music Lover

Just because a male celebrity visits a gay bar in SoCal doesn’t make him a gay. Making out with another dude at the bar? Fine, we’ll bite.

A “source in the City of Angels tells me he spotted James Blond and a ‘male friend’ checking out a cover band at the gay bar Roosterfish in Venice, Calif., over the weekend,” relays blogger Kenneth Walsh. “Whether or not he is a closet homosexual I don’t know — although my source SWEARS he saw Craig making out with his friend on a street corner, and he WAS seen showing pictures of his cat to a fellow audience member.”

We’d like photo evidence please! But in the meantime, this much we know to be true: “Daniel Craig has definitely been outed as a closet ’80s-music lover, as he joined the G80’s — an all-gay-male ’80s band featuring Matt McLaughlin (aka Bearlinda) on vox/guitar, Tommy Keene on lead guitar, Jim Laspesa (The Muffs/Dave Davies) at the drums and Chris Freeman of Pansy Divison on the bass — on the chorus of the Split Enz classic “I Got You.” (Sadly the band did not play the Pansy Division song “James Bondage.”)”

Us? We’ll be stalking the gay bars in New Mexico, where Craig and Harrison Ford are setting up camp for the summer to shoot Cowboys and Aliens.

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  • SouLKid

    Daniel Craig is my future baby daddy.

  • Tessie Tura

    Sorry, guys, he’s a lesbian.

  • hester

    Daniel is cool. I like his attitude. Who gives a damn!

  • M

    I have been going to the Roosterfish for 15 years – never saw live music there…… just saying

  • Could´t Care Less

    Humm…he looks like a top…I may be wrong…

  • jimsteele2008

    Daniel Craig is an honorary member of our tribe. He has played gay love scenes in movies and lobbied for James Bond to seduce men as well as women in service to the Queen. He’s also not shy about dropping his pants on camera to the delight of his gay fans.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    I am F’ing ga-ga for the new blond bond! have been since, well, his buff torso emerged from the ocean in that now rather famous scene! Damn, I’d kill for his pecs!

  • M'Fer


    Then you’re going on the wrong nights. The ‘Fish has had live bands playing the 3rd Saturday of every month since November.

    …just saying.

  • hester

    Now who is the “male friend”?

    Is that the silver fox aka “Dan’s bodyguard”? He looks cute.

  • christopher di spirito

    Craig can bring that big, horse dick of his to my house anytime and I will play my 80’s CDs for him, while he gets down and gets off.

  • Kieran

    Reality check: If he wants to remain ‘James Bond’ he damned well better stay closeted.

  • Scott

    Damn it! I was at Roosterfish on Friday and then again on Sunday…the ONE night of the weekend I decide to stay in and freaking Daniel Craig goes there. Damn damn damn damn damn!

  • Samwise

    @Kieran: The world is changing quickly for gay actors. Think of how many celebrities have been exploding out of the closet just in the past year. I think if audiences can handle a blond Bond, they can handle a gay Bond – or if they can’t now, it’ll only take them a few years.

  • Marcus

    I keep hearing about this dude at gay bars. This is the first I’ve heard about him making out with a dude there, though.


    I completely agree–that said, I’m not sure some of these actors are ready for the changing world. Call it instinct.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)


    Since MGM has indefinitely shelved the next Bond movie, and there’s been talk the franchise is done, perhaps Daniel Craig has a bit more freedom to hang out where he wants, when he wants…

  • Josh

    I was there when he came in. I just thought it was someone that looked like him but then my date confirmed it. He’s thinner than I expected :/

  • Michael

    @Kieran: Well that’s odd because Wolverine, I mean Hugh Jackman, brought his boyfriend to the People’s Choice Awards. Here’s a picture of them on a beach:

    The classic thing is Taylor Lautner also had his boyfriend in tow at that awards show. Maybe if more men were honest then being gay wouldn’t be such a shock.

  • hester

    @Michael: that’s a Photoshop photo and the guy is not Hugh’s bf.

    And how would you know their bfs were at the PCA? I don’t remember seeing them at all. At least not on TV.

    And is Taylor’s bf Sean Fox?

  • hephaestion

    Daniel Craig and Lior Ashkenazy would be my dream couple. Lior confessed to having had an affair with a man after he made “Walk on Water,” which is one of my favorite films with a gay main character.

  • jeffree

    I think that “the Daniel Craig Sex Dream” might rotate into the nightly cyle along w/ the Collin Ferrell & James Franco sex dreams. :-}
    No wonder I can stay asleep very long !!

    He’s British, so maybe he’s not as uptight about rumors of him being a gay? Something tells me doesn’ t care what rumors fly.
    I think we might not want 2 rush 2 conclusions until more evidance shows up. Meanwhile, we can dream!

  • joe

    i hope he’s gay i love daniel craig!

  • university_dude

    Um… I thought Daniel Craig openly gay for awhile.

    Turns out I registered rumor as fact.

  • TonyD

    Oh please, I go to straight bars with straight male friends, but their “lifestyle” doesn’t rub off on me. Grow up! I remember taking female friends to their first gay bar and they were shocked to see gay men AND straight women there; now, 10-years-later, bars in major cities are mixing it up even more. Yes, I even hug my heterosexual male friends goodnight too, but I have yet to go straight.

  • alan brickman

    i love 80’s music..good for him!! doesn’t make him gay…just a friend to gays..and we need more strights in our camp for equal rights…stop hating!!!

  • Karen W.

    He is as straight as it gets – always prooved with this gay roles that he is pretty confident in his sexuality and privately likes to stir things up a bit from time to time. He is the kind of guy who would be OPENLY gay if he were. He is not, but sees no problem going to a gay bar – making out with someone in a public place? Ridiculous – he has more class then that.

  • adman

    The more we enjoy our freedoms, (what few we have) the more these straights like to mix it up with us, without cares that teh ghey will rub off. Fine. I’m not complaining, I used to live blocks from the Roosterfish and never saw a guy that hot in there, so yes, come on in and play. What’s wrong with good company?

  • Samantha

    I have known Daniel Craig for many years, way back to the time, when he was still with Heike Makkatsch. There is no doubt, he is straight, but what he looks for in people – male or femals – is their character not their sexual preference. He likes this music, yes, plus – in a gay bar – there is more peace for him.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Daniel Craig is not attractive. He looks like an Ape in the face.

  • RomanHans

    Karen W. and Samantha sure sound alike. And share an affinity for dashes.

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    We once got VERY lucky in the Roosterfish in 1985 when we were living right around the corner from it.

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