Daniel Nardicio Says DList is Dead

“If you’re a 20-something gay man in New York City, chances are you’ve heard of DList.com, have an active profile or have at least hooked up as a result of it. You can imagine my surprise Saturday night at Michael Formika Jones’ new party “F-Word” when nightlife trailblazer and DList creator Daniel Nardicio (pictured at right) told me he was pulling the plug on the social networking site. “Dlist is pretty much dead,” he confessed. “I moved on emotionally when I realized I’d partnered with the wrong person. So I’m developing the next, new exciting version of what I wanted for DList! It’ll incorporate all my original ideas from DList, but move the whole venture into live, real contact.” [NYPress]

Update: Is Dlist staying around, just sans Nardicio? Sounds like some unpleasant business relations are afoot. [HX]

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  • thisismikesother

    the power in social networks comes from having a website that lots of people use. to pull the plug on one (even if mildly successful) and to expect the user base to migrate to a completely different site (without a clear plan) is basically dooming yourself to fail.

  • Qjersey

    I love all things Nardicio, but the DList site never worked very well.

  • A.T. Mark

    @thisismikesother: Nardicio is just bitter because he got kicked off the site.

  • waffle twat

    HX jumps into the fray! This is sure to be classy!

    … in any case, “live, real contact” sounds a lot like Manhunt. And we’ve already got one of those. I use DList to escape all the straight people and high school friends that dog me on Facebook and MySpace. It occupies a perfectly servicable niche, although the whole verification thing is dumb and so far they haven’t given me reason #1 to get a “premium” membership.

    I’m sorry if Dan lost his job because I’m sorry that anyone has to lose his job these days. Nonetheless, he should’ve followed James St. James advice for press relations: Never dish anyone in print.

  • danielnardicio

    here are just the facts:

    1.) i am still part owner of the site Dlist.com and did not “lose my job”
    2.) i was told the site was going under due to financials and would be closed by November 24th, or later ( i have letter of this as proof)
    3.) as you can see from the attached graph, the site is in fact, going down in membership and value
    4.) i am not gone because the site was to be cleaned up, i’m gone because my partner wanted me to sell my shares at a laughable sum and i wouldnt

  • Greg

    “Daniel Nardicio (pictured at right)”


  • drunkonsweetolive

    It would be pictured at left, not right. The author is apparently still used to the old layout.

  • retrofit71

    um that’s not Daniel. helloo?

  • EdWoody

    The “pictured at right” is part of the quote from the NYPress. So Japhy’s mistake is not the direction of the pic but the incorrect reference.

  • EdWoody

    The “pictured at right” is part of the quote from the NYPress. So Japhy’s mistake is not the direction of the pic but the incorrect reference.

    But then, since Japhy is in LA and not NY, he’s probably not a personally familiar with Daniel as so many of the rest of us are.

  • EdWoody

    Arse. Sorry for the double post.

  • Japhy Grant

    @EdWoody: Yeah, it’s part of the quote. And I used to slum it at The Slide when I lived in NYC, so I know Daniel pretty well!

  • jon

    i was at the f world, that party rocked.

  • William Moore

    From what I hear the site never worked right and lots of poeple posting porn photos and videos. Lots of member got booted becouse of that. Still I was way better then Myspace. Myspace was and still is a waste of time, so I hope they come up with something like Dlist just a little bit more fun for people to use . and I have to say lots of assholes on there as well.
    Check out my site http://WWW.OMNIMEDIALONDON.COM Email back and tell me what you think

  • Ad Schuring

    Long time fan of Daniel’s parties, radioshow, online activities and bitchy environment.
    Knew Dlist was doomed when they started prohibion of frontal nudity on profiles. Can you imagine gay culture without cock and balls ? that’s castration!
    East village radio: same thing.

    I trust Daniel needs some time to get his phoenix to re – emerge,
    but I’m sure he will.
    If he needs a server mirror or just an ally based in the (hopefully still somewhat more tolerant) part of Western Europe, I’m his man

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