Daniel Nardicio Says DList is Dead

“If you’re a 20-something gay man in New York City, chances are you’ve heard of DList.com, have an active profile or have at least hooked up as a result of it. You can imagine my surprise Saturday night at Michael Formika Jones’ new party “F-Word” when nightlife trailblazer and DList creator Daniel Nardicio (pictured at right) told me he was pulling the plug on the social networking site. “Dlist is pretty much dead,” he confessed. “I moved on emotionally when I realized I’d partnered with the wrong person. So I’m developing the next, new exciting version of what I wanted for DList! It’ll incorporate all my original ideas from DList, but move the whole venture into live, real contact.” [NYPress]

Update: Is Dlist staying around, just sans Nardicio? Sounds like some unpleasant business relations are afoot. [HX]