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Daniel Radcliffe Plays Gay, Glee‘s Lesbian Comes Out, and Patti Stanger Screws Up Again

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter goes homosexual. Glee‘s lesbian finally comes out. Patti Stanger pretends the gays hurt her. This week’s gay entertainment news isn’t ready for its close-up.


  • Following in the footsteps of James Franco, Daniel Radcliffe has been cast as Allen Ginsberg in the gay-themed thriller Kill Your Darlings, according to Twitch. Will Radcliffe also aspire to play every famous gay person too? It’s a dangerous path to go down. One minute you’re miming oral sex on prosthetic penises, the next you’re hosting the most boring Oscars ever. Consider yourself warned, Harry Potter.


  • Glee gets gayer by the day. Last night’s episode, titled “I Kissed A Girl,” saw Santana come out of the closet to her parents and grandma while Kurt and Blaine duetted Pink’s “Fuckin’ Perfect.” And there’s more! TV Line says dutiful husband/bon-bon shaker Ricky Martin will play “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio” on the show late next January. Ay caramba!


  • Breaking: Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger, who previously told gay man Andy Cohen that gay men are incorrigible penis-addicted sluts, is still a idiot. “I couldn’t sleep knowing that I hurt the gay community,” the self-victimizing hag told Andy last night about the controversy following her comments. “Because they mean so much to me. This is my mission in life, to help the gay community.” How about you donate some money to a gay charity or show your face at a GLAAD event then, Patti? That might help a scotch more than reiterating gay stereotypes on national TV. It’s only okay when we do that ourselves over brunch bellinis, okay?

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