Dating In High School Makes Gay Teens Feel Better About Themselves. Sorry, Straights, Not You

Same-sex relationships for gay and bisexual male high schoolers actually boost students’ self-esteem, claim researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, while lesbian youth in relationships report lower internalized homophobia. Straight teens in opposite-sex relationships reported no similar benefits, though “opposite-sex relationships did increase internalized homophobia in boys, but this association disappeared as youth grew older.” So keeping gays away from prom was certainly the best decision, right everybody?

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  • Tallskin

    “Straight teens in opposite-sex relationships reported no similar benefits, though “opposite-sex relationships” did increase internalized homophobia in boys”

    Hmmm, what causes this effect? Is it that straight teenage girls can be very homophobic?

  • ForeverGay

    @Tallskin: Heterosexual male identity is very much based on what they are not like being gay or a girl. I think the increase in anti-gay bigotry experienced by heterosexual males getting into relationships is from them establishing their identity.

  • Tallskin

    @ForeverGay, yeah, you’re probably right. I do, however, remember girls at my school being even more anti-gay than the boys – the boys were pretty easygoing until made to feel their manhood was threatened BY the girls making comments about their lack of manhood.

    Women and Girls police the behaviour of teenage boys very seriously, discouraging any manifestation of camp or “gay” behaviour.

  • Gorbeh

    I think the reason there is more internalized homophobia in breeder boys is because they realize they don’t actually like dating girls and are envious of the gay guys but are too insecure to act on it.

  • Samwise

    I think you (Queerty writer) misunderstood the article. The study was on LGB teens only. No straight kids in opposite-sex relationships were studied. No straight kids were studied, period. GAY kids in opposite-sex relationships saw no impact, positive or negative, on their self-esteem.

  • @ Get Equal 'Why the h8 on Obamz but not the Repubs who ALWAYS vote against you? (John from England)


    I have to agree…behind every powerful man or group..is a woman..

  • L.

    “Providers and caregivers of (gay, lesbian and bisexual) youth need to create supportive environments where kids can talk about and support their sexual identity, which may include their dating experiences with same-sex and opposite-sex partners.”

    Wow. Another grant well-spent on proving water is wet.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @L.: I see you are a member of the church of savvy assuming that your opinion is gospel to everyone.

  • Kevin (New Jersey, US)

    Having a boyfriend whilst a senior in high school (and having only been out for a year) tripled my self esteem. It had been pretty low throughout my teen years, watching all my (boy) friends get girlfriends… And then I got to participate in the socially acceptable and even admired tradition of “dating” someone. It felt amazingly satisfying and validating.

  • Larry

    But let’s remember that the religious right and ex-gay groups aren’t concerned about our health or well-being. The whole point is to destroy our souls and turn us into permanent closet cases.

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