Dave Wavey to Closeted Homosexuals: Nobody Cares If You’re a Homogay, So Start Telling Everyone

Among YouTube’s coming out advice dispensers, we now have two firmly different schools of thought: There’s Onision, who recommends shutting up about your sexuality; and there’s Davey Wavey, whose hands flailing about represent his support for just screaming it to the world, because really, nobody cares about your gayness.

But the pair do agree on one thing: Coming out to your family can, sometimes, be destructive!

Except Davey insists “parents, close friends, family members won’t make a huge deal about your situation. We’ve all heard the horror stories families freaking out, and yes it happens, but fortunately those stories are the exception rather than the norm.” For which Mr. Wavey relies on vast empirical evidence, we’re sure.

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