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Davey Wavey Interviews Brent Corrigan About The Ins-And-Outs Of The Adult Film Industry


Does this turn you on? Unavoidable YouTube personality Davey Wavey just interviewed adult film star Brent Corrigan for his Business of Sex web series, eking out stories about his early beginnings in the adult film industry, why he wants to steer clear of promoting King Cobra, and his lifelong obsession with horses.

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“Gay porn is a way of life,” Corrigan intones. “It’s a day in and day out thing, cultivating fans, traveling.”

A couple of years ago I got to a point where porn wasn’t giving me what I thought it would. I stepped back and thought – what would make me happy? For me, my passion was always horses. I went back to jumping with horses.”

Elsewhere, they discuss James Franco‘s King Cobra, loosely based on his sketchy beginnings in the porn biz.

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“I didn’t want to be a part of that film if they weren’t going to tell my story,” he says. “I read the script – and it wasn’t my story.”

Now he’s “being brave” and self-publishing his own version of the story.

“I’m aiming for an October 31st release date, on my 30th birthday.”