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David Archuleta says a message from God prompted his coming out


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Former American Idol contestant David Archuleta has given an interview to NBC News in which he talks more about his coming out journey.

Archuleta was raised in the Church of Latter Day Saints and remains a practicing Mormon. He appeared on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

In June, he revealed via an Instagram post that he had come out to his family as gay in 2014. However, he subsequently recognized he had feelings toward men and women, so decided he might be bisexual.

He publicly came out as a member of the LGBTQ community this year. He said he still preferred not to attach labels to himself, and in line with his faith, was saving himself for marriage.

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He said in subsequent interviews that, partly because of his religious beliefs, coming to terms with his sexuality had been a struggle.

In yesterday’s interview, he talked more about the challenge to reconcile his Mormon faith and his sexuality. He said a conversation he had with God had prompted him to go public.

“I kind of went through a faith crisis for a month, when I was in the process of breaking up with this girl I was in a relationship with. But I felt so disconnected from everything. My anxiety had gotten so bad. I was like, ‘I don’t even remember how it feels to be close to God or to even have feelings for anybody … I don’t even know how I feel about myself right now’.”

He turned to prayer.

“When I had that prayer, God just said, ‘David, you know I trust you, right? I want you to post about what you’re going through right now.’ And it was just so clear what I needed to say. I knew exactly what I needed to say, but I feel uncomfortable saying it, because I like to keep to myself — especially with this kind of stuff. But I just knew I had to.”

He said that when growing up, he was told that being anything other than heterosexual was wrong.

“I always felt like my feelings were different, starting from a younger age, and I just thought maybe I need time to figure this out and I’ll be able to understand this better or work it out. I didn’t really want to be honest with myself, because I was always embarrassed, and really, I was ashamed to feel that way. Just growing up in a religious household, the idea was, ‘Oh this isn’t OK. It’s not right.’”

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Archuleta told NBC News he is currently “getting to know guys,” working on new music, and looking forward to touring again after previous dates were canceled during the pandemic. He’s also speaking out as an advocate for LGBTQ rights.

This week. Archuleta took to Instagram to give his reaction to a controversial speech given last week by Mormon Elder Jeffrey R. Holland at Brigham Young University Annual Conference.

Holland criticized a valedictorian who previously used his graduation speech to come out. Holland also suggested staff take up their intellectual “muskets” to fight back against LGBTQ advocacy. The speech led to criticism for its use of violent language.

Archuleta said he understood why many LGBTQ Mormons had felt “unseen” by Hollands words.

“I just wanted to show my love to you all,” Archuleta said, adding “We can love someone, and respect someone…I have love for [Holland] and I have love for everyone who felt they were unseen and felt hurt by some of the comments and how it’s been interpreted…”

He went on to say that he wanted to look at the positives and that Holland’s speech had prompted important conversations.


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