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  • Harbo

    Ahhhh, David Muir. He’d really go places if he were only gorgrous and sexy. Ooops, my mistake. He is gorgeous and sexy.

  • Mike

    What’s this have to do with GLBTs? Is David Muir one of those ABC people like Robin Roberts everyone keeps saying is gay but can’t prove it with anything other than “I saw him in so and so bar” or “I saw him with some guy”?

  • JAW


    Well said Mike… leave him alone… yes amny of us would love to know who all of the gays are… but untill we don’t cost them millions of dollars in lost income, let them live their lives as they choose

  • Rodrigo

    Mmm David muir has a certain je ne sais quoi that is utterly delicious. And yes, the rumor mill keeps churning stories of him being gay.. Which would be amazing!

  • rrr

    @Mike: Apparently Charles Perez’s book outs David Muir. Charles was a news anchor until recently and was employed by ABC so he’d be in a good position to know the facts about Muir.

    How do you expect people to prove gay and lesbian folks from TV news who haven’t come out are gay and lesbian other than first hand accounts? News people aren’t going to be posing for make out photos. Robin is the lesbian version of flaming and has the lesbian version of “gay voice”, she avoids saying anything about her partners or relationships, and there have also been a number of first hand accounts of her being lesbian and no evidence of her being straight.

  • Jeffree

    @RRR: What do you mean by “first-hand account of her being lesbian”? A woman who had sex with her? Or someone seeing her have sex with a woman?

    Otherwise, you don’t have a “first-hand account.” You have speculation.

    I’m not doubting RR is lesbian, but your understanding of “evidence” is shoddy.

    p.s. Got anything better on David Muir?

  • ronbo

    It’s the closet that is dangerous, not the status of being gay or lesbian. Robin might need to degrade the lesbians and gays, just to prove to her management that she isn’t lesbian. That is the problem. I don’t care who she sleeps with. I care that she might want to keep her job and as such, she might need to “prove” herself hetro. How do most closeted individuals prove themselves? The berate and degrade other gay and lesbian individuals. They snicker at others. They create rules and laws. They go deeper into the closet embracing “religion” as a weapon and LGBT individuals as objects of ridicule.

    If you are a closeted gay or lesbian, you are dangerous. Come out, come out you stupid fucks! All that media-money won’t purchase self-respect, Robin. All those bibles you thump only serve to set you rotting inside. Come out, come out.

  • justiceontherocks

    This is really exciting. Another episode of the long running drama: is someone I see on television a big homo. Maybe if we spent a little more time thinking about things that affect our own lives . . .

  • Shannon1981

    The sad truth is that outing people before they are ready often ruins lives, which is why I respect people’s closets. However, if they actively work against us…that goes out the window. RR is hamming it up with Dan Cathy and Chik Fil A. Out her, I say. As for this guy? No idea if he is gay, and I really don’t care. If he wants to stay closeted, let him, until he does something against him.

  • Meowzer

    While I think a celebrity’s private life should be just that… private. I irks me that they don’t come out and show the heterosexual community that gays are people to. The more people that are out and proud, celebrities included, the more the world sees that we are not any different than anyone else.
    I feel closeted gay celebs do an injustice to the rest of us. If someone in the position of the public eye can’t “accept” being gay and moving forward with their lives, what does that say about Joe Shmoe in bumfudge Iowa. Does that make him a third class citizen if an A list star can’t be proud?
    Sorry… I just feel supporting change while not actually changing yourself is hypocritical.

  • rrr

    @Jeffree: My use of “first hand account” was in reply to Mike complaining about evidence like “I saw him in so and so bar” or “I saw him with some guy”. A first hand account of someone frequenting gay bar without it being part of hen parties or someone being spotted out on a date with the same sex is pretty solid, which is why I asked Mike about what else he was expecting.

    A poster on the other thread reported encountering Robin vacationing with her girlfriend on Fire Island. I’ve heard she was dating a female basketball player for a while. It’s stood out for years that she (like Sam Champion) hasn’t contributed anything about partners into the morning TV chat. Like I said, she’s also the lesbian version of flaming which and I’ve never seen being flaming rejected here as evidence when it’s been applied to guys.

    I think you need to examine your definition of evidence if you are complaining about wanting something more on Muir than the written and published testimony of fellow news anchor from ABC.

    Basically, you are saying if there is no gay sex tape released or at least a testimonial from the witness of a live gay sex show then there is no evidence of any substance that a celebrity is gay. That’s crazy.

  • craig

    @No. 6 Jeffree

    Do you work for ABC or what? You can know a person is gay or lesbian without fucking them yourself. Most of the people we know in regular life and on TV as gay and lesbian we haven’t personally fucked.

    Why is everyone suddenly acting so skittish and uncomfortable about Queerty outing successful and established glass closeted Robin Roberts as lesbian when the website has been outing glass closeted Anderson Cooper non-stop since the time he first got some success at CNN?

  • Marcus

    What kind of “proof” do you want, exactly?

    I’ve been hearing this a lot lately on this site, “prove it. show us proof,” then say that “outing is bad.” (Mike I know you didn’t say that.)

    I’m just saying you can’t have it both ways.IF you think outing is horrible or whatever, that’s fine, but then it’s probably not the smartest thing to challenge people into presenting information regarding someone else’s sexual orientation.

  • Joe

    Listen to the words you people are using. Proof. Until we have more on him. First hand account. Evidence, Testimony. Are we prosecuting him here? Juses H. Christ leave the man be.

    The rumor mill keeps churning uot stories about him? This is the first I’ve heard word fucking one about David Meuir being gay and I live in Boston where he worked for several years.

    And, Ronbo, who the fuck are you to say the closet is dangerous? The closet is a choice and everyone makes choices in their life; the closet can be a pretty cozy place for some. I guarantee you that we can find something about you that someone else would think is dangerous.

    When David Muir starts a witch hunt against the gays he’ll be my enemy. Until then, move on.

  • mark

    i think david muir is gay but in the closet.and thats just fine.its his life.the guy is fuckin HOT.iv always liked him.for the longest time i always felt he was gay.its just a filling that i could never seem to shake about him.a lot of gay men are cute.he would not be the first cute guy thats in the closet.

  • JoeyB

    so is David Muir ever gonna come out?

  • M S

    I used to work at ABC, but they let go of nearly 60 percent of the company. I was one of many let go during the news slaughter, so I could care less about protecting their anonymity. Here are the insider facts : Bill Weir is straight married with kids and nice guy. Diane Sawyer is married (beard) but in a secret lesbian relationship but a great person to work with. Elizabeth Vargas married and a nightmare to work with. Jake Tapper straight and a sweet man. Chris Cuomo straight married and also a sweet guy. George Stephanopolus is closeted gay but got married for his family and to keep gay rumors at bay. Nice guy though. David Muir is 100 percent gay obsessed with his namebrand clothes and worked his way up from desk assistant. He also is too concerned about his crooked face on camera and wears a ton of makeup. Not a fan. Sam Champion. Hello. Gay. Robin Roberts gay and a total sweetheart. Miguel Marquez is out and gay and a sweet guy. Dan Harris is questionable although he says everyone thInks he is gay. Don’t know about this one. I prefer to read my news now that they have let so many good people go. And almost all studios and networks are using robotic cameras now so fewer and fewer people in the studio. Let’s talk about creating jobs National media!! Shame on you !!!

  • klieglamp

    @ronbo: @ronbo:

    I agree. Case in point: 80 – 90% of today’s priests are gay. They prop up a corrupt hierarchy with their hypocrisy. The damage? Millions of out gay men and women who suffer the hate and abuse of the general public.

    Anyone in the public eye who is gay should be outed. The cost to the rest of us is too great not to do so.

  • klieglamp

    PS: David Muir may be pretty and well-spoken but he an intellectual lightweight (like many of his contemporaries). He really doesn’t deserve to chair Nightly News.

  • Eddie Assati

    I am gay and I wouldn’t let Muir touch me if he was the last man on earth. I see him all the time walking up Columbus Ave and that area and he always has this smug look on his kisser that says “Forget it, dude. You are WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE.” Walks and acts like his shit is perfume. I can’t stand him. They say he will nail anything that isn’t nailed down (man, woman or child) if it will further his career.

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