A Day In The Life Of Pietro Boselli Is As Charmed (And Hot) As You’d Imagine


Things we already knew about “world’s hottest math teacher” Pietro Boselli: he looks like a Greek statue in his underwear, he’s also the world’s most distracting math teacher, and can we mention the underwear part again?

In other words, we don’t know him all that well, though it’s more than enough to appreciate.


Well after Vogue Paris spent the day with Pietro while he was in Milan for Fashion Week (so many expensive words in one sentence), we can say we know a bit more.

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For instance, he started modeling for Giorgio Armani when he was six years old, because of course he did.


After he went viral as a hot math teacher, droves of people showed up at his classes who had nothing to do with the course.

What gave them away? Nobody stares that passionately at a chalkboard of equations unless you’re Stephen Hawking.


Everyone he bumps into in Milan is elated to see him. Wouldn’t you be?


And finally, working as an internationally famous model is more “dynamic and fun” than working in academia. You heard it here first!

Watch below:

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  • SteveDenver

    Don’t miss his workout videos on e with a weight-room buddy almost as cute as him.

  • Michael1500

    Well, there’s sexy, and then there’s SEXY. He’s definitely the latter.

  • GymJockTX

    He’s a great looking guy, very handsome and with a ripped muscle bod. And an advanced degree to boot!

    I guess living in Austin can make one a bit jaded about looks and sexual heat. There are hot looking, jacked to the max muscle studs at my gym here who would make this guy look commonplace if he were training next to them, they’d eclipse him. Not to say I’d kick the prof outta bed for eating crackers.

    This town is polluted with handsome beefcake. Perhaps Armani should send some scouts down here ;-)

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Such a beautiful man and possibly straight – Nothing sexier than a beautiful gay man who is not aware of his own beauty……is it me or did it just get hot in here.

  • dannyboi2

    @GymJockTX:I don’t think he would consider himself as a bodybuilder more male model. Armani’s usually for your gym bunnies

  • strix1

    I would so fail his math class if he was my teacher. But he can be the Numerator on my Denominator any day!! Oh Mr Boselli…uhhh, imagine.

  • Louis

    Gorgeous I just hope hes gay friendly.

  • Stilinski26

    He said he only worksout twice a week

  • pscheck2

    He certainly is a looker. Since he is single and no mention of a GF, I’m sure his PR team will have him hooked up with some hot chick, just to allay any rumors he might be gay!

  • SumSay

    Guess you haven’t seen his Instagram or Twitter. He’s almost always around gay men. He’s even been to pride events.

    He’s either really private about his personal life with a girlfriend or he’s on our team. He has very few if any women in his pics appearing more than once in his entire gallery. Plenty of his guy friends are posted though.

  • meghanada

    @Hussain-TheCanadian: LOL, shut up. That guy is clearly gay. He’s friends with gay model Jon Kortagena and has been to his all-shirtless-male parties. The hell he’s straight. Like someone said above, his social media activity indicates he has nearly zero contact with women.

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