DC Hires Gay Writer To Take Over “Batwoman” Following Gay Marriage Scandal

images-3DC Comics is bouncing back from a potential scandal this week after two lead members of the Batwoman creative team announced their departure.

In a message shared last week, J.H. Williams III and W. H. Blackman cited “editorial differences” in their resignation, claiming that their publisher wouldn’t allow Kathy Kane—the Batwoman—to marry her longtime same-sex partner Maggie Sawyer.

This week, fan favorite writer Marc Andreyko, an openly gay man, announced that he will be taking over the comic after Issue 26:

 ”Its, it’s true: I’m the new writer of Batwoman! and, as i prepare for the interweb onslaught, a few things: i ADORE J.H Williams and Greg Rucka and Hayden Blackman and the great character they’ve created so lovingly,” Andreyko posted on Facebook. “I am taking this job very seriously and hope to do right by Kate, Maggie, Bette and the rest of the cast.”

Though Williams and Blackman refuted that DC Comics’ decision was based in discrimination, many were quick to call foul. The addition of an openly gay writer is sure to squash any further speculation, but to be safe, DC tweeted the following: