Dead body wearing only a face mask discovered in gay bathhouse

A Detroit gay bathhouse has become the scene of a police investigation after a man was found dead inside, wearing no clothes and a face mask.

The 54-year-old man was discovered at Body Zone early Sunday morning.

The general manager of the establishment, identified as John in local news reports, said that cleaners found the corpse. Police were called at 9:08 a.m.

While the man’s age is being reported, it’s odd that the Wayne County Medical Examiner says they have not yet identified him. So how do they know he’s 54?

Investigators did not report any drug paraphernalia at the scene, or any visible trauma to the deceased.

However, police are calling the death “suspicious.”

It’s also been reported that John claims the man died of “natural causes,” which also seems odd. How would the venue’s general manager be so confident of the unidentified man’s cause of death?

The death will be ruled a homicide until the Medical Examiner makes an official ruling.

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  • Bob LaBlah

    The last I heard stopping short of taking their own lives or being the victim of premeditated murder human beings do not decide when or where they die. Maybe I got it wrong and if I did please point out my mistake. It sounds like the guy just might have died of natural causes and it happened to be at a bathhouse.

    • gaym50ish

      So just what are “natural causes” anyway? Anything other than a violent death? We don’t even say people die of “old age” anymore — there is ALWAYS a cause.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Almost all bathhouses in the U.S. require ID to get in. In that case they would have his name and age.

    “The death will be ruled a homicide until the Medical Examiner makes an official ruling.” Why? That’s not usually the assumption when there’s no “visible trauma.”

    Viagra & Cialis have been known to be dangerous to a small minority.

    • ChrisK

      Usually it’s when they’re combined with other drugs and especially one’s like poppers.

      I’ll bet whatever was in his room was cleared out before the police got there.

  • Danny595

    Ah, the joy and life-fulfillment of promiscuity!

    • Heywood Jablowme

      That’s dumb even for you. So you’re saying that monogamous people never die unexpectedly, for any reason whatsoever, before they’re 70 or so?

    • ChrisK

      Danny’s just pissed off no one will come near his ugly ass self. You just know where all this bitterness comes from.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Danielle – Glad to see you’re finally embracing the joys of being a slut! Very liberating isn’t it?

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