Friend Implicates Unknown Saudi

Dean Johnson Murdered?

Yesterday we delivered the distressing news that New York downtown scenester Dean Johnson has died.

While we’ve got no fresh details on the Velvet Mafia front man’s DC death, there are a few rumors floating around, including talk of murder.

Lower East Side photographer John Penley told Page Six that e-mails from Johnson’s computer reveal he’d been going to D.C. regularly “to set up weird sex parties for a wealthy Saudi guy. Nobody knows his identity, but it’s all very suspicious.” Dean, who had a history of drug use, had no ID on him when his body was discovered, and stayed in the morgue for several days before he was identified. His death in under investigation. Johnson, 45, promoted the weekly “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fag Party” at the old CBGB. “There probably isn’t a single gay in the entire city who hasn’t been to one of Dean’s parties,” Penley said.

Did a wealthy Saudi sex fiend kill Johnson? Who knows, but it makes a great story.

Speaking of stories: swap your favorite Johnson memories at tomorrow’s Rapture Cafe hosted memorial: 8pm, 200 Avenue A.

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